Oney Lorcan Has Requested His Release From WWE

In a year that has been filled with WWE Superstars requesting to be released from the company, Oney Lorcan has become the latest to add his name to the list.

2019 has been a pretty crazy ride for the wrestling business. It kicked off with the announcement that AEW would be entering the ring, and that changed everything. It didn't take long for the fledgling company to become the wrestling world's number two behind WWE. A truly viable alternative for WWE Superstars looking to ply their trade elsewhere.

That's more than just talk too, as has been demonstrated by the men and women leaving or trying to leave WWE. Dean Ambrose and Tye Dillinger have since gone on to AEW and are now back to being known as Jon Moxley and Shawn Spears. Meanwhile, everyone from The Revival to Sasha Banks has apparently tried to join them.

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The trouble is, WWE appears to be reluctant to let some of its wantaway talents go. That's why disgruntled Superstars need to be very careful how they go about trying to leave. The latest name to join the ever-increasing list of Superstars who have asked to be released from their WWE contract is Oney Lorcan. PWInsider is reporting the NXT/205 Live star wants out.

via 24Wrestling

If the reports surrounding this news are true, Lorcan may have gone the right way about asking for his release. Apparently, Lorcan asked to be released more than a month ago. Since this is the first most people are hearing about it, it means he has not been broadcasting the news to anyone who will listen. Superstars who vent on social media are the ones who WWE tends to keep against their will.

There's also talk that WWE is considering whether a Superstar would work well in AEW before letting them go. That is simply rumor and conjecture right now, though. If Lorcan has indeed requested his release and isn't allowed to leave however, perhaps it means WWE believes AEW could work wonders with him. Lorcan has been off TV for more than three weeks. Perhaps this is why we haven't seen him for a while.

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