OPINION: How to Help Minimize The Injury Bug in The WWE

The only thing that is more unfortunate in a wrestling career then being fired or passing away too early is being bitten by that darn injury bug. And that injury bug has been haunting the WWE for the past year or so. Stars like John Cena, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Hideo Itami and now Neville are currently out due to injury.

Of course injuries are inevitable and there's no way to completely eliminate it. However, there could be some things that the WWE could do to minimize these injuries.

The first and most obvious step would be to lower the extreme workload that these superstars take on a daily basis. Live events are daily and some of these stars seem to never get a day off of work. We understand it from a business standpoint, as the WWE doesn't want to just cut live shows since that brings in a consistent cash flow. However, is it necessary to have the same superstars wrestling daily? Some type of system, where they could rotate the stars, that would allow them to receive some days off could really help wrestlers stay healthy.

It's also possible that WWE might overdo it with gimmick matches that usually feature big match spots. Although, wrestling may be mostly fake and scripted, you can't fake jumping off a ladder and landing awkwardly. Sometimes people lose sight of the fact that these Superstars do get hurt during pretty much every match. Whether it's working with a stiff wrestler or landing awkwardly after a high flying move, each instance takes something out of the wrestler.

However, it's likely the injury bug is really being fed mostly from fatigue. As mentioned before, injuries are inevitable and there is no way to completely stop it. However, it seems as if the WWE isn't putting much effort into at least minimizing the injuries.

Just imagine how stacked this WrestleMania would be if it featured stars like Randy Orton, John Cena, Cesaro, and Seth Rollins added onto the current roster they already have.

Do you also agree the workload needs to be decreased? What would you suggest to help stop the injuries as much as possible?

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OPINION: How to Help Minimize The Injury Bug in The WWE