OPINION: How To Solidify Roman Reigns As A Face

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For the past 10+ years, John Cena has been the face of the company and has become one of, if not the most polarizing WWE Superstar of all time. However, injuries and age are increasing for the Cenation leader and the WWE has to start thinking about the new face of the company.

It seems as if they picked their guy in Roman Reigns. Although they were only two brief runs, he is already a two-time WWE Champion. Is he going to be the next ten-time WWE Champion? Probably. However, how will that be received by the audience? Roman Reigns hasn't exactly had his fair share of loud pops. Sure he gets his cheers here and there, but the responses are not overwhelming. So, how can the WWE get Roman Reigns over with the crowd?

Well, first Roman Reigns has the look of a superstar, he has athleticism, and he even has the power. He's pretty underrated in the ring too and has a pretty solid arsenal of moves to put on some pretty good matches. Roman Reigns' only real issue is his microphone skills. It seems as if Roman really relies top much on getting to the punchline of the promo, rather then telling a story. The good promos that he's made are the promos where he's serious. The way he explained how the WWE Champion is his family a month ago to Triple H was a pretty good promo. He seemed serious and it felt real.

I think the fans need to see more of that. Roman Reigns' most cringeworthy promos are when he is trying to be funny. Roman Reigns has to become a WWE Superstar who is serious. Brock Lesnar is over with the crowd and has probably said five total sentences in the past two years. Of course, the credit for that goes to Paul Heyman.

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Maybe that's what Roman Reigns needs. A mouth piece to do most of the talking for him, which opens him to just be an ass kicker. Of course, it would seem pretty awkward if Roman Reigns just started being this serious character, without any build up or story that gives him reason to become this type of character. For him to alter his character, that screams for a run as a heel.

Why can't Roman Reigns cheat his way into the WWE Championship, turning heel in the process? Have Roman Reigns show that the only thing he cares about is that WWE Championship, as that is his meal ticket and it takes care of his family. Roman Reigns does not have to care about the fans to be over with them. The Rock carried himself that way for a time and look how that worked out for him. The Undertaker rarely acknowledges the crowd and the fans love him.

This is what Roman Reigns needs to do. Let's see Roman Reigns join The Authority and win the WWE title. Triple H is one of the best on the mic in WWE history and could put Roman Reigns over as a real deal, as he did with Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. Roman Reigns only has to utter a few words here and there. When he does, they should be serious words that come off as dark.

After a certain period of time, another superstar joins The Authority. After a certain period of time The Authority feels that the new acquisition to the authority is more fitting as a WWE Champion. The Authority, then makes this WWE Superstar beat Roman Reigns for the WWE Title. This would make Roman Reigns lash out at The Authority, and turn face by default.

After all of this, Roman Reigns should improve on the mic and his promos will come off as more serious and real. He would no longer need to rely on jokes or bland punchlines. His promos would be right to the point. Hopefully, we would no longer see him stutter either.

Roman Reigns is loaded with potential to be great. If he reaches that potential, he could make the WWE a fun product to watch again.

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