OPINION: Should Paul Heyman Manage Roman Reigns?

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Roman Reigns is now once again WWE Champion. He's already a three-time WWE champion, yet he's quickly becoming one of the most controversial WWE superstars of all time. No matter who you are, you will always have a group of people who will like you. You'll also have a group of people who don't. That's inevitable. However, this is the man that is expected to carry the WWE for years to come. At least that's what the WWE has been trying to tell us for over a year now. As seen and heard clearly in the past couple of weeks, WWE fans are not buying this whatsoever and this is quickly turning ugly.

I think the WWE did the right thing on Raw, by not pretending that the crowd wasn't booing Roman Reigns and having the man himself address the boos. Sadly, the way that he did so came off as an emo teenager, saying ,”I'm not a bad guy. I'm not a good guy. I am the guy.” With some tweaking to the script, I think this is the right direction. Why not have Roman Reigns come off as arrogant, instead of smiling all the time like John Cena.

It's a questionable decision, though, to have Roman go head to head with AJ Styles who is clearly a fan favourite. Roman Reigns will have an extremely hard time getting a positive crowd reaction against AJ Styles, especially if he couldn't accomplish one against Triple H, who is also one of the more controversial WWE superstars of all time in his own right. Someone needs to save Roman Reigns if he has any chance of being a crowd accepted face of the company for years to come.

I could be alone when I say that Roman Reigns is similar Brock Lesnar. Now, before I get torn to pieces for saying such a thing, please hear me out. Of course talentwise, there is almost no one who can compare with Brock Lesnar. So, that's not the point I am trying to make. The similarities between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar lie in the fact that they both lack mic skills.

Brock Lesnar's mic skills are saved by Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar gets to dominate in the ring, while Paul Heyman does the speaking for him. Truthfully, that's what Roman Reigns needs right now. Not only would Paul Heyman aid Roman Reigns by creating great promos, he would also help the crowd lighten up to Roman.

Paul Heyman has claimed to respect Roman Reigns on WWE TV quite a few times already, so it's not like the WWE would just be throwing the two together, as they've already shown mutual respect for each other.

I think the perfect way for the WWE to pair the two up is to begin with a Roman Reigns heel turn. This way Roman Reigns can create a more serious persona. Paul Heyman could approach Roman Reigns shortly after and go from there. I think the two would be a great match for each other

What do you think? Could Paul Heyman help save Roman Reigns' relationship with the WWE Universe?

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