OPINION: WWE NEEDS To Utilize Paige Better

One of the great things that the WWE has done the past 12 months is drastically improve the Divas division. The Divas division is no longer an irrelevant part of the show that really was just a game of hot potato for a championship belt with a butterfly on it.

A lot of people, though, will give the credit to all of the NXT call ups for making the Divas division relevant. For me personally, I'd say that the placemat was created by Paige and AJ Lee. The feud that the two Divas had was the most enjoyable that I've seen since the Lita and Trish days. This would get the ball rolling and eventually AJ Lee would retire. Paige would end up carrying the division for months until Stephanie McMahon announced the debut of multiple NXT divas.

However, since her feud with Charlotte as a heel, she hasn't been used on TV very much. So much so that Paige even stated that she doesn't even know if she is a heel or face anymore. The WWE has to do better with one of their most talented and marketable Divas.

There is no doubt that the NXT call ups such as Sasha Banks, Charlotte and others certainly took the Divas revolution to a much higher level. However, the division is still much better with Paige. The match that she had with Charlotte on Raw reminded me us of how good of a wrestler she is.

There are many reasons to make her more involved in the division. First, let's start with her age. Paige is only 23 year's old, yet she has more experience and skill then most of the WWE's current Divas. On top of that, Paige's mic skills are arguably the best of all the female superstars.

Of course, the other Divas are very talented. Sasha Banks is over with the WWE fans and deservedly so. She's likely going to resume her feud with Charlotte for most of the summer and it's bound to be entertaining. However, the WWE can't possibly have the feud roll until WrestleMania and beyond. A feud between any of Paige/Charlotte/Sasha Banks is bound to be a great one as well. What's scary about Paige is that she hadn't even reached her prime yet. She's bound to get even better over the next decade or so. Would the WWE really want to waste that great talent or, even worse, watch her utilize her talents for another company/.

There is no doubt that the Divas division has gotten entertaining. It's bound to get even better when Bayley gets called up to the main roster. The WWE should utilize all of these talents to the very fullest. Lets see if they can do it.

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OPINION: WWE NEEDS To Utilize Paige Better