10 Opponents For Cain Velasquez' WWE Debut

It was announced recently that former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez has signed for WWE on a multi-year contract, making the decision to retire from MMA as he begins his career in professional wrestling.

Velasquez is a major signing for WWE, with Cain becoming the latest former UFC star to make the decision to join WWE, following suit with Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, with Cain set to do battle with Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel later this month.

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However, with several weeks to go before the Saudi Arabia show, there is a good chance that WWE could put him into the ring beforehand in order to show the world just what he is capable of, and within this article, we will rank 10 potential debut opponents for him.

10 King Corbin

This would be the easiest option for WWE to take if they want to make Cain Velasquez look like a dominant badass before facing Brock Lesnar, or even as a short feud to happen after Crown Jewel.

Corbin is someone who fans absolutely hate and therefore picking up a victory against him is instantly going to be loved by the fans, and so far WWE is pushing Cain as a top babyface, which this would only help.

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Corbin and Cain would size up nicely inside the ring, and even though WWE has pushed him lately with the King of the Ring gimmick, he is still in the mid-card, which makes him a solid choice to put over the new talent.

9 Ali

On the opposite side of that argument, should WWE simply want an amazing match and someone who would make Cain Velasquez look as good as possible, then Ali would be a good choice of a first opponent.

He is someone that the fans always enjoy seeing in the ring and a television match between the two of them could be a whole lot of fun, especially as Ali is known for his ability to bump like crazy in the ring.

Right now WWE has nothing going for Ali, so using him to put over Velasquez isn't a bad idea, ensuring that the former UFC Heavyweight Champion looks as strong as possible.

8 Cesaro

In similar vein to others on this list, WWE doesn't seem to have an actual direction for Cesaro right now, which is a huge shame considering how talented he is, with the Swiss Cyborg being used frequently to put others over on television.

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Whether it be Aleister Black, or more recently Tyson Fury, Cesaro has helped make others look great, and he could certainly do the same for Cain Velasquez if WWE decided to give him the opportunity to.

Inside the ring, Cesaro can do everything and he has the ability to make his opponent look great as a performer, and if WWE was smart, this would be an excellent match to have Cain debut with.

7 Rusev

While it is a shame that Rusev is often booked into positions like this where he would be taking the loss in order to make someone else look good, the fact is that he isn't a top main event star, but he is still taken seriously by fans.

Because of that, it means that scoring a victory against him is always impressive, no matter who you are, and due to his size, it would show just how strong Cain Velasquez actually is, which is something that WWE will want to push.

Velasquez is a legitimate monster, and pushing him accordingly is the right decision to make, even as a babyface, which is why Rusev would be a smart choice of a debut opponent.

6 Ricochet

Ricochet ticks all the boxes you would want for Cain Velasquez' first WWE opponent. He isn't a main event star and can afford to take the loss, he is capable of bumping like crazy to make him look good, and he provides a little bit of a David vs Goliath situation.

Ricochet flying around the ring attempting to chop down the bigger, former UFC star, would be a fantastic storyline and even though it would be Cain winning the match, simply being part of the match is going to help Ricochet.

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This would raise his star level and would make Velasquez look like a monster in the process, which is exactly how WWE wants to present him in the early stages.

5 Dolph Ziggler

How many times has WWE called upon the Show-Off to put over another WWE Superstar over the years? Time after time, Dolph Ziggler has been used to make other wrestlers look great and there is a reason for that.

Ziggler is one of the very best on the roster and no matter how badly he is booked at times, it only takes one killer promo from him to quickly get himself straight back to the top of the roster and be taken seriously.

A showcase singles match against Cain Velasquez would be a big moment for Ziggler, and considering he currently holds the Raw Tag Team Titles, a singles loss isn't going to hurt him too much.

4 The B-Team

That's right, both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel at the same time in a handicap match would be a perfect way to debut Cain Velasquez, having the mixed martial artist run through both of them in a quick squash match.

While all the other examples so far on this list have involved singles matches that could have lasted around 10 minutes, the idea that Cain is strong enough to simply destroy a tag team at once is certainly a great way to make him seem a threat.

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The B-Team is the perfect choice to do this as they are two men that have been established due to their lengthy WWE careers but are also not in a position where a loss is going to hurt them.

3 Mike Kanellis

In a similar feeling to the previous example, a squash match could be the best way to debut Cain Velasquez, as it will showcase him a little, show his finishing move so it gains a reaction at Crown Jewel all without revealing too much about him as a talent.

Mike Kanellis is a smart choice as someone who could slot into this role as he isn't in any serious storylines and he has been treated a someone who fans are conditioned to now seeing in a squash scenario.

Having Kanellis interrupt a promo from Velasquez, leading to an impromptu match wouldn't be a bad way to simply set up a quick squash match to get the job done.

2 Bobby Lashley

If you want to get a good idea of what Cain Velasquez could do against Brock Lesnar, then why not put him up against someone of similar size and power in the Almighty, Bobby Lashley?

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Lashley also has a background in MMA which means that the two men could work a slightly unique style that could be taken seriously, unlike anybody else on the roster and the two men would certainly put on a good match.

Right now Bobby Lashley is being pushed again by the company due to his pairing with Lana and with her on the outside causing potential interferences, it would certainly be an entertaining situation.

1 Rey Mysterio

It was Rey Mysterio who brought Cain Velasquez into the company through WWE current storyline, so it would only make sense that he would be Velasquez' first WWE opponent, with the two men having a friendly competition.

Mysterio's experience would be perfect to guide Cain through a WWE match, being able to highlight his strengths and quickly help him work out what his negatives are, which would have him prepared for Crown Jewel.

For anyone that has seen Cain wrestle in Mexico, they will also know he has a slight lucha libre style that he is developing, and that would blend nicely with what Rey can do in the ring.

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