5 Things For The New Day To Do After Hell In A Cell 2017

The New Day recently became your four-time WWE World Tag Team Champs. They are also on their way to becoming one of the most decorated WWE tag teams of all time. That's not bad coming from a trio that was almost jeered out of every building they were ever in when they first formed.

Recently, New Day captured the titles from the Uso's after defeating them in a classic match at the "Sin City" SmackDown Live event. It was the latest in a series of great matches between the two teams. They've squared off against the Uso's in a number of unique and exciting bouts, what's next?

We're taking a look at different options for the The New Day in the hopes that things stay fresh for the team WWE plans to make one of the greatest teams ever to form in the WWE.

5. Rematch With The Uso's

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Many in the WWE Universe are torn on whether or not the Uso's should keep fighting The New Day. The two teams have had a wonderful series of matches, some of which could be considered candidates for match of the year, but perhaps it's time for each team to move on to a new opponent.

There are only so many times these teams can wrestle each other and not completely alienate the rest of the SmackDown Live tag division. Teams like Breezango, The Hype Bros., The Ascension, Epico and Primo, and Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin need something to do.

4. A New Challenger

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With the list of teams mentioned above, one quick glance tells us that the most likely team to challenge The New Day is Shelton Benjamin or the Hype Bros. Both teams are actually the focus of some attention on SmackDown Live right now and both might make sense as future opponents.

It seems to make sense that maybe the Hype Bros. work as the heel team against the champs while Benjamin and Gable work as the babyface team against the Usos. That gives four teams a direction and not a far stretch to make either challenger believable or rightfully deserving of the opportunity.

3. Move To Raw

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The New Day came to SmackDown Live in the Superstar Shakeup, and there are rumors that another one might be coming sooner than later. If that's the case, SmackDown Live could use an influx of good tag teams, but by adding two or three good teams, it means removing one.

If, say, Sheamus and Cesaro along with The Hardy's came to SmackDown Live, it would only make sense to send The New Day the other way. If the WWE plans to make New Day the winningest team in WWE, they'll have to keep things fresh and the easiest way to do so is to move them around a lot.

2. Debut A New Team

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If you keep The New Day on SmackDown Live, an argument can be made that there isn't much choice but to let them wrestle the Usos again, thanks solely to a lack of reputable teams to take them on. But, what if a new team came out of nowhere?

There are rumors the WWE is repackaging Luke Harper and Erik Rowan. There is also the small matter of the Authors of Pain debuting on one of the two shows. Either team could make an immediate impact by going after the tag champs and challenging them for the belts.


1. Tease Tension

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If the WWE is struggling to keep things fresh, one way to shake things up a bit is to tease tension with one of the members of the team. Technically, even if you replaced one, they would still be the New Day and still the winningest team in WWE history if that's the route WWE chose to go.

At the end of the day, there wouldn't even need to be a split, just the tease of one. Maybe Big E wants to try being a singles wrestler? Maybe the team sees Woods as the weak link after taking successive pins in matches? There are a variety of ways this could go and provide something different to a team that, while funny, is growing a bit tiresome.

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