Original Plans Called For a James Ellsworth Title Shot at WrestleMania

Earlier in the week, WWE decided to release James Ellsworth, which was quite a surprise, since he was an overachiever that seemed to always make things interesting for the company.

For some reason Ellsworth was always wrestling women and would often get beat up by them. I have to admit it was very interesting, but I wonder if WWE got sick of his story.


What's even more interesting is that there's a report out that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had some big WrestleMania plans for Ellsworth, according to StillRealToUs.com.

James McKenna ended up reporting on the most recent episode of Wrestling Sheet Radio that McMahon asked Ellsworth if he would be willing to wrestle Charlotte for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 34.

The story that McMahon came up with that would lead Ellsworth to wrestle Charlotte for the Women's title is very wild.

“The goal was to get to Charlotte vs. Ellsworth at Mania for the Women’s Championship. How they were going to get there is a much wilder tale. We’re talking about as recent as August, these were pretty much plans they had in place. Long story short, it was to make Ellsworth trans.”

via wwe.com

WWE had to come up with a reason for Ellsworth to compete for the women's title belt, so the plan was to have him say that he's going through the transition process to become a woman.

WWE also talked about Ellsworth possibly winning the Women's Championship at Royal Rumble.

A report also claims that McMahon was talked out of the idea of turning Ellsworth into a transgender person that is transitioning from male to female after plenty of backlash.

While a story of Ellsworth turning into a woman would have been wild, it wouldn't have benefited the Women's Revolution at all. You have to give McMahon credit for thinking outside the box, but it sounds like he was looking for a reason to keep Ellsworth around.


Once McMahon's idea was scrapped, the company likely couldn't come up with a reason for holding onto him. It will be interesting to see whether or not he pops up with another company.

The 32 year-old Ellsworth started his wrestling career on the independent circuit back in 2002 and joined WWE in 2014. He didn't have his first singles match until June of 2016.

Feel free to leave a comment below and give us your thoughts on McMahon's crazy idea for Ellsworth that never took off.

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