Over 40: 8 Former WWE Divas Who Look Amazing And 7 Who Are Showing Their Age

The superstars in the wrestling business find it difficult to maintain the same physique and ability as they grow older, as the wear and tear of the sport gets to them after a point of time. Maintaining their figure is way more difficult for the Divas, who find it extremely excruciating to keep the figure and beauty which they did in their WWE hey-days, and often have to work a lot inspite of retiring from the company in order to make for an attractable personality.

The Divas like any other woman tend to get wearier as they grow older, and find it extremely difficult to keep their faces as attractive as they did during the WWE days and have to use various methods and exercises in order to make for a proper figure. While some of the Divas have to retire in order to focus on their family, and transition into a stay-at home mom, others tend to increase their popularity in the entertainment business by venturing on various programs in order to keep a respectable image in the society. Some of the Divas keep attached to the wrestling business after their WWE run, and often lose the shape and beauty which they had during their prime.

But because of the rigorous training and hard-work they attained in the WWE, many of these women tend to keep on working even after being released in order to keep an iconic image in the world and often use their name and fame in order to attain more work for their own well-being. Others who just let go off their body after the WWE runs often see their figure degrade with old age noticeable in their faces and the tear of the sport really gets to them after they reach 40. Let’s have a look at 8 Former WWE Divas Who Still Look Amazing, while 7 who are showing their age.

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17 Those Who Look Amazing

16 Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels debuted in the WWE as the wife of Goldust(to whom she was actually married to in Real Life) as she soon enchanted the crowd with her cigar smoking, seductive character and this got her over with the fans. She spearheaded the Divas’ division in the Attitude era, later becoming a sight for sore eyes when she was almost labelled as an eye-candy for the audience. During her time at the “Pretty Mean Sisters” with Jacqueline, she did some sexualized antics which made her a raunchy, but attractive character. Runnels was later given an opportunity to excel as a wrestler, but couldn’t really make it and was mostly booked the hot body who would woo everyone. Runnels would also be the host of a WWE Program “Excess” for a bit before actually winning the Hardcore Championship for a very brief stint. Runnels was let go off by the WWE in 2004 prior to their mass firing spree, and has been travelling all over the world since, often appearing at wrestling shows and events. Runnels even re-appeared in WWE in the 2016 Hall of Fame Ceremony, rooting on for good friend Jacqueline and showed that she still has a figure to crave for inspite of being almost 50 years old.

15 Alundra Blayze

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Alundra Blayze is probably one of the most celebrated female wrestlers of all time, as she broke through all the barriers and made Woman’s wrestling relevant in the 90’s through her amazing ability in the ring and beautiful figure to compel fans to watch her. Going by the name of “Madusa”, she won the Women’s Championship thrice in her 3 years in the WWE before leaving for WCW, where she made the infamous act of throwing her Women’s Championship in the trash. Though Blayze didn’t have a glittering career at WCW, where she lost a Title vs Career Match against Hokuto which meant for her to take a two-year hiatus from wrestling. But when she returned, she won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, making her the first and only woman to do so. She served for WCW till it’s dying days, not opting to come back to WWE because of its dubious treatment of female wrestlers. Inspite of retiring from wrestling, Blayze kept an amazing figure all these years with this being accredited to her monster truck career as she found a career in that format of motorsport. Blayze finally made amends with the WWE, who inducted her into the Hall of Fame in 2015 and she looked quite stunning in the ceremony and showed how maintenance and hard-work can help one keep a beautiful figure even in their old ages.

14 Lita

Lita was one of the more athletic Divas in the division after debuting the WWE, as she quickly aligned herself with the high-flying “Hardy Boyz” and enthralled everyone with amazing feuds with Trish Stratus in the next years. After winning the Women’s Championship numerous times and making for some classic moments with Trish, her character took a different turn when she got entangled in a number of romantic angles(one which was very real) with the fight between Matt Hardy and Edge blurring the lines of reality and kayfabe. Her relationship with Edge brought out the villainous bombshell in her, as she often helped him win dirty as well as “celebrating” in sexual manners with him with the infamous “live sex celebration” standing out. But due to various injuries, Lita had to retire from wrestling 2006 and left the WWE, appearing in the Indy circuit sometimes after that. But she came back for good in the WWE in around 2015, a year after she was inducted into the WWE hall of fame and now holds a respectable position as writer and trainer for the company. She also appears in the pre-shows for many WWE shows, and is still looking amazing and fit inspite of being over 40 years old, as her beautiful figure makes her look way younger than what she is.

13 Debra

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Debra has more of a history as a sexual attraction rather than an actual wrestler in the WWE, as she managed some successful wrestlers and often helped them win with her dubious, seductive methods. Debuting as this shrewd businesswoman, Debra would soon become the on-screen girlfriend of Jeff Jarrett and helped him win his matches by distracting his opponents by unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her “puppies” to the crowd. Because of this, she became more popular than Jarrett and got pushed as a main eventer in the female division as she won the Women’s Championship from Sable in an evening gown match in Controversial fashion. She would lose it back a few months later, before going back to managing superstars. She soon married Stone Cold Steve Austin before being a key part of the Rock and Austin story-line in 2001. Debra left the company with Austin in 2002 never to return again, but came back for wrestling interviews where she revealed of Austin often assaulting her. She went back to college to get a graduation from the University of Alabama with honors(Cum Laude) and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Criminology in the same. Going by her recent pictures, Debra has maintained her sexy figure very well and still looks attractive at the age of 56, keeping her assets which got her the fame very well intact.

12 Victoria

Victoria rose in power superbly in the wrestling industry, as she debuted in the WWE as one of the Godfather’s “Ho’s” before being pushed as a singles wrestler. Her ability to portray this vicious heel superbly gave her a Women’s Championship in 2002, when she defeated Trish Stratus in a Hardcore Match. This would trigger her place in the main event of the Women’s Division as she stayed there for almost 2 years, often holding the belt as well as participating in crucial matches. She then got into the stable of “Vince’s Devils” as somewhat of a more sexual character, as her stunning figure shone through during this time. As more and more Divas joined the WWE, Victoria lost her place as a top star and left the company in 2009. She would go onto wrestle for Total Nonstop Action(TNA) and be one of the prominent members of their impressive knockouts division for a number of years. Victoria has since been active in the wrestling circuit, but has tried her stake in various business ventures as well, opening a wrestling themed restaurant in 2013 in Chicago called “The Squared Circle”. Victoria still manages to woo us with a stunning, athletic figure as she’s attained quite a lot of success since her WWE debut as well as maintaining a sexy figure throughout the course of the years.

11 Torrie Wilson

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One of WWE exports from WCW, Torrie Wilson turned out to be a super-productive buy for Vince McMahon as her sizzling figure and ability to seduce the audience gave him some great ratings. Wilson debuted in the WWE during the Invasion era, and was instantly made to be Mr. McMahon’s love affair. After some bra and panties matches which caught the audience’s eye indefinitely on her, she became Tajiri’s girlfiriend for sometime after which she could turn face. Torrie was then put into an atrocious “step-daughter vs step-mother” feud with Dawn Marie(who had married her father and then kayfabe killed him) which she won before going onto appear in the cover of PlayBoy magazine. She would then be pushed as a singles wrestler, but didn’t really have much ability in the ring so was put in the stable of “Vince’s Devils” where she continued to woo the crowd with her sexy body. During her last years, she was Carlito’s on-screen girlfriend and put other divas over. Torrie went onto the entertainment business, appearing at an NBC show “I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here!” where she was the runner up and also went onto date New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. Wilson continues to dazzle with her incredible figure and beautiful looks, which has kept her relevant after leaving the WWE.

10 Sable

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Sable was infamous for her raunchy antics inside the ring, which probably over-shadowed the fact that she was a very capable wrestler with an ability to dazzle in terms of wrestling. After accompanying Marc Mero which led her to get over with the fans, Sable’s seductive behavior and nonchalant way of “expressing” herself won over the fans, with her explicit strip at Fully Loaded 1999- where she stripped down only to show 2 handprints on her breasts being one of the most memorable explicit scenes in WWE History. The fan-following she received sky-rocketed her to the top, as she held the Women’s Championship for quite sometime before leaving the WWE due to issues with management. She returned in 2003, where she got in a relationship with Vince McMahon and a sexualized angle with Torrie Wilson. Sable also appeared in the cover of PlayBoy for the third time in her career in 2004, before leaving the company after marrying Brock Lesnar and settling into a more family life. Sable has since rarely appeared at wrestling shows, accompanying Brock at New Japan Pro Wrestling but has maintained that seductive figure amazingly even after giving birth to three children. Sable’s still looking amazing as ever going by her recent photos, as Lesnar is a lucky man to have someone like her at his side at all times.

9 Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is probably one of the most complete Divas in the history of the WWE, as she had a stunning figure as well as the skills inside the ring to back it up with. The Canadian would break into the WWE as a manager, managing the team of Test and Albert before trying to win the Women’s Championship numerous times. Stratus then got into a story-line with Vince McMahon where she’d be his love affair as they made the drugged Linda McMahon watch on. After turning face after leaving McMahon, Trish went onto bloom in the ring before finally winning her first Women’s Championship at Survivor Series 2001. Trish then went onto become the face of the Divas Division, laying down the path for more divas to follow her footsteps into success and then went onto have the iconic feud with Lita which cemented both of them into the history books. Trish soon transitioned into putting over newer members of the division, having an intense feud with Mickie James. Trish decided to hang up her boots in 2006, but went away in style after retiring as Women’s Champion. Since then, Stratus has re-appeared in the WWE television numerous times, the last one being when she nominated Lita into the Hall of Fame in 2014 where Trish looked to be in the best shape of her life. Stratus is still maintaining that stunning figure and wonderful looks, which is mostly of her life as a fitness freak as she also opened her own Yoga Studio called “Stratusphere” which has been extremely successful as the sexy Trish still dazzles us with her figure at the age of 40.

8 Those Who Are Showing Their Age

7 Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie was rarely known as a robust wrestler in her WWE term, as she is mostly remembered for her sexual antics inside and outside the ring in the WWE. Marie rose to fame with a disgusting angle with Torrie Wilson, where she would marry Torrie’s father and get “kill him”(kayfabe) through rigorous sexual acts. After this feud which got her popular with her fans because of her “revealing” mannerism, Marie would go onto be pushed as a singles wrestler but her inability to compete in the ring with the talented women didn’t really help her cause. In 2005, Marie was released while on a maternity leave and sued the company for wrongfully firing her, from which she got a settlement in 2007. Marie would appear at a few independent shows, but couldn’t really make it as a wrestler after her WWE term. Now Marie is a mother of two as she raises her children, but because of the two pregnancies she couldn’t maintain her stout figure. Marie has now gained weight plus is looking really worn out from her past deeds, as the sexy figure which made heads turn in her heydays is now nowhere to be seen.

6 Jacqueline

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Jacqueline was the first African-American Woman to really shine in the WWE, as she broke through all the barriers to shine through almost immediately after debuting in 1998. She won the reinstated WWE Women’s Championship, becoming the first African-American woman to do so. Jacqueline would later be part of “Pretty Mean Sisters” with Terri Runnels, accompanying various wrestlers as well. They then hired “Meat” who was their “love slave” as Jacqueline and Terri gave some raunchy moments at the time. Jacqueline’s impressive figure was as attractive as it was intimidating as Jacquline would win the Women’s Championship for the second time in 2000. After that, she’d begun to fall down the pecking order with more women being introduced to the roster and was ultimately released in 2004. Jacqueline re-appeared in WWE earlier this year, as she was inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame (becoming the first African-American woman to get the honor), but she didn’t look so good as her face seems to have lost its glow and her stout figure seems to have diminished, as the beautiful strong champion is now wearing down with age.

5 Tori

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Tori was originally a body-builder who caught the eye of Vince McMahon after her impressive work wrestling around the world, and finally debuted in 1999 as Sable’s fan. She soon feuded with Sable, challenging her to a match at Wrestlemania XV which she lost due to Nicole Bass’ interference. Tori then feuded with Ivory over her Women’s title but was unable to win the gold, as she soon became the on-screen girlfriend of Kane. This led her to be in feud with Triple H and X-Pac as well, as she grew hysterical with other wrestlers trying to hit on her. After leaving Kane, Tori turned heel and got badly injured in the 2000 King of the Ring when the Dudley Boyz powerbombed her through a table. Tori returned later as The Black Ninja who helped Raven win the Hardcore Title, but this was short-lived. Tori became a trainer for WWE Tough Enough, but was later released. She retired from wrestling to start a career as a yogini and currents runs a yoga studio in Portland. Tori doesn’t appear much in public these days, but the pictures of her resurfaced to show a very different look than before, as she seems to have not aged well and lost all her muscular strength and beauty, looking nothing like she did in her WWE days.

4 Ivory

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Ivory was definitely among the hottest women in the WWE at her time, as the brunette debuted as one of The Godfather’s “Hos” and later on begun to manage the team of D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry. Ivory was at first made to wrestle in “strip matches” where she dazzled the audience, but given a proper push later on as she won the Women’s Championship from Sable at SummerSlam 1999. She then wrestled some weird stipulation matches which were pretty bad, before winning her second title from The Fabulous Moolah. After dropping her title again, Ivory began to manage a stable called “Right of Censor”. She won her 3rd Women’s Championship during this time, as the group terrorized women who “showed too much”. After being a prominent part of The Invasion era as part of The Alliance, Ivory continued to wrestle sporadically for the company till 2005 when she opted not to renew her contract with the company. She continued to wrestle in the Indy’s till about 2006, when she hanged up her boots to do some humanitarian work. Ivory re-appeared in WWE in the Wrestlemania Axxess last year, but looked to have become wrinkly and drained of her beauty. She doesn’t seem to have maintained her figure that well either, as the 54 year old is now more focused on doing some good rather than look after her own figure.

3 Stacy Carter

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Stacy Carter was one of the more explicit women of the Attitude era, as she definitely wasn’t shy of expressing her body and assets to the crowd. After debuting as “Miss Kitty” who was an assistant to Debra, she moved onto her own singles career where she won her one and only Women’s Championship in a Four Corners Evening Gown Pool Match after which she flashed her breasts to the crowd. This got her over with the fans, as she continued to wrestle in strip matches and used her astounding figure to her advantage to stay on the top for quite sometime. She then went onto have another raunchy feud with Terri Runnels after losing her championship, where had more sexually explicit matches. Stacy with her husband Jerry Lawler went onto feud with “Right to Censor” later on, as she was made to join the stable after losing out on a match. Stacy was fired from the WWE in the middle of the story-line, which led Lawler to quit as well. She went onto appear in the Indy shows for many years to come, as she married wrestler Nick Cvjetkovich in 2010 and wasn’t looking that good even then. Her beauty seems to have diminished over the years, as the assets which made her popular aren’t what they used to be and Carter hardly gets work in the wrestling scene, possibly because of her aging figure.

2 Sunny

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Sunny was among the first real Bombshells in the WWE, as she made women popular in the WWE through her antics and even kick-started the raunchiness of the Attitude era. She went onto manage many tag teams, including the Bodydonnas and helped them win the Tag Team Championship. In 1996, she was Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s “Manager of the Year” as well as AOL’s most downloaded woman of the year. She later on went to manage “The Smokin’ Guns” but soon fired them, opting to manage Farooq. She also hosted the WWE shows in LiveWire and Shotgun Saturday Night as well as managing the Legion of Doom in 1998 for a short while. Sunny was fired in 1998 for no-showing events, and went onto have short stints at ECW and WCW. She continued to appear on the Indy circuit, as well as returning to the WWE as she was inducted into the WWE hall of fame in 2011. But times got difficult for her, and she signed onto work in a pornographic film “Sunny Side Up: Through the Backdoor”. Sunny looks to be in a bad shape right now, as the over-flow of make-up and forcing her body to keep up has made for a terrible, fake look which mirrors the divine beauty she was at her prime, as she seems to have fallen in quite a terrible hole right now.

1 Jazz

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Jazz was amongst the “Golden Era” of Women’s Wrestling along with the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita and others as her impressive ability in the ring got her a push to the very top. She soon went onto win the Women’s Championship from Trish Stratus, as well as defending it from Trish and Lita at Wrestlemania X8. Later on, Jazz went onto challenge for the Hardcore Championship but was unable to win it, and an injury made her relinquish her title to Trish. Upon returning, she was drafted right back to the title scene and again won the Women’s title. But she got injured again later on and had to give up her title, and when she returned she couldn’t do much as creative didn’t have anything for her character, meaning she’d be released soon after. Jazz returned back to the WWE in 2006 to wrestle for WWE’s ECW brand, but this was short-lived. She went onto wrestle for Women Superstars Uncensored, but recent pictures of her wrestling shows her degradation as she’s a washed up superstar right now who’s ruined herself with all the tattoos and bad lifestyle and is only a mere shadow of her old, strong self who ruled during the Golden Age of Wrestling.

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