Botched Finish During Dynamite Has Got Fans Scratching Their Heads

The finish of the match between PAC and Trent during this week's Dynamite was a little confusing, and it is still unclear exactly what happened.

This week's episode of Dynamite was the biggest to date on paper. Not due to the matches booked for the show, but because it was the first PPV go-home show in AEW history. The last chance for AEW's wrestlers to convince viewers to purchase Full Gear this Saturday, something WWE no longer needs to do thanks to the Network.

Wednesday's go-home Dynamite was a success, especially how the show went off the air. An all-out brawl ensued including wrestlers from all of Full Gear's top matches. In fact, the very last image fans saw was MJF taking it to Chris Jericho as Jim Ross frantically tried to bid goodbye to viewers before the show went off the air.

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The start of the show included an entertaining match between PAC and one half of Best Friends, Trent. However, the ending of the match was a little confusing. PAC hit Trent with his Black Arrow. Considering the gulf in the roster between the two stars, most would have expected that to be it. It wasn't, but the feeling is that it should have been to everyone apart from the referee.

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Despite Trent not getting his shoulder up, the official stopped counting at two. A confused PAC then gave the ref a quick look before putting Trent in the Brutalizer. The match then ended via submission even though Trent never tapped. Excalibur chipped in that Trent must have submitted verbally, but the whole thing was a little strange. Perhaps Trent was hurt in some way and couldn't kick out or submit of his own accord.

That seems like the only reasonable explanation and if it was the case, we certainly hope it was nothing serious and wish Trent a speedy recovery. However, the assumption is in cases such as those that the referee counts to three regardless of what the finish is supposed to be. That allows the injured party to get the help they need as soon as possible. It's possible that there is another explanation, and it might be cleared up in the coming days.

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