Paige's Brother Says William Regal Is Blocking His Move To WWE

Paige's brother, Roy Bevis, has accused William Regal of continuously blocking what he believes is a potential move to WWE.

The two-time WWE Diva's path to WWE was documented in 2019 film Fighting With My Family, which shows Paige's older brother Zak having to watch from the sidelines as his sister goes on to become a WWE superstar after failing to make the cut himself. Roy, on the other hand, was in prison at the time but was mentioned throughout the movie.

Now out of prison for several years and having worked hard to make a name for himself on the indie scene in the UK, the 38-year-old claims he wants to reach WWE so he could prove that people can hit rock bottom and still go on to make it in the industry.

As he puts it, the opportunity to join WWE has been dangled but NXT General Manager William Regal is preventing the move from happening.

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Roy got on Facebook to air his frustrations this week.

"Suppose to be going to WWE next month but once again been blocked from someone in the office once again so I’m being told ..anyone else want kick me in bollocks well I’m down feel free," he wrote.

"I’m never going to change who Im am honest straight talking fella,if I’ve got something to say il tell ya but the wrestling world isn’t like that it’s all about stroking egos and back stabbing..UK hooligans are the best known tag team on the uk Indy scene I’m happy doing wrestling in bingo halls long as I get to entertain fans and enjoy what I’m doing."

Regal caught wind of the post and has since issued a response on Twitter.

"I hate doing this but no choice. Roy, Paddy, you’ve got my number," he tweeted. "Be men the both of you and call me up.Roy, just re check the fb post threatening a WWE staff member in public from last week and see how it might affect your family. This is on you!"

Bevis isn't quite done letting Regal know what's on his mind and has uploaded a video in which he says he won't allow the former WWE performer to bully him simply because he's famous. You could watch it below.

What's Really Going On Between Regal And Bevis?

We aren't privy to the details behind all of this but Roy seems to be convinced that Regal is the one standing between him and a move to WWE.

The fact that he spent time in jail is said to be Regal's main issue but that hardly seems a reason to hold someone back from pursuing a legitimate wrestling career, especially after he's put in the work.

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