Paige Could Face Charges for Alberto Del Rio Airport Incident

The saga that is the airport altercation involving Alberto Del Rio (currently wrestling under the name Alberto El Patron) and his fiancée, WWE Superstar Paige could take a very big turn in the near future if the Florida state attorney decides to file battery charges against Paige.

Almost all the talk since the incident has been about Del Rio and the investigation into his actions that day. Since the events at the airport, GFW suspended Del Rio and Paige's family stripped him of their promotion's title, the World Association of Wrestling Championship.

However, the talk is turning towards the other person involved in the altercation that day, Paige. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Orlando PD determined that probable cause exists to charge Paige (Saraya Bevis) with battery (domestic violence). OPD has sent all the information to the State Attorney’s Office, and at this point, it is up to them to review the findings and make a decision as to whether or not to file charges.

While this news will come as a surprise to many people, Paige herself said that she was the one being held on suspicion of battery back only a few days after the incident occurred.


In a Tweet she posted just two days after everything went down at the airport Paige said, among other things, “…It was ME who was being held for battery charges because I threw a drink him…”

At the time though, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Orlando PD was telling them that Del Rio (Jose Rodriguez) was the only suspect listed. Obviously, things have changed since then, and we will have to wait and see if the Florida State Attorney decides to go ahead and file charges against Paige.


As for what this could mean for Paige and a possible return to the WWE, the company's domestic violence policy is pretty clear. If an arrest is made Paige would be suspended. If she is convicted, her contract would be terminated.


Not that her return was guaranteed anyway. Just a couple months ago Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer (subscription required) reported the WWE would have already ended ties with Paige were it not for the upcoming biopic featuring Paige and her family (a movie being produced by The Rock's production company).

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