Paige's Family Express Concern Over The Alberto Del Rio Abuse Allegations

Paige's family—specifically her brother Zak Zodiac and half-brother Roy Bevis—took to Facebook yesterday morning, speaking on the relationship between the "Anti-Diva" and her fiancée Alberto Del Rio following the incident between the two at an Orlando airport this past weekend.

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Zodiac's unedited post reads:

"I've got too say I'm very worried about my sister," Bevis wrote (sic). "Please keep a eye on her, she had one Prick Known as brad Maddox who took advantage of an 18 year old girl. Physically and mentally abused her. And now she's with a control freak who think he's a tough guy cause he's beats my sister and has money too cover his tracks.."


Bevis wrote similar concerns on Facebook as well (also unedited):

"We got pics from the last 6 months bro of her beating I'm glad she's finally sticking up for yourself..the reason there fighting yesterday is cause my uncle on his last legs in hospital and he wished him dead

"She needs to get away not that simple tho.

"Well now its out there ,the answer to all your questions I keep getting asked is there ,my sis won't be going WWE cause he won't let her ,he trying get her the sack by keep running on about them,,so many people in the wrestling world hate him but are scared to say it…why ????"

Prior to yesterday, it was not confirmed that the person who Del Rio was arguing/fighting with was Paige, and it remained unknown to the public until TMZ later released a sound clip from the alleged Orlando airport incident which clearly demonstrated that it was, in fact, an argument between Paige and Del Rio.

Before the sound clip was released, Paige took to Twitter and reported that the incident was not involving her, instead claiming an angry fan threw a drink on Del Rio.

Judging by the recent public concerns from Paige's two brothers, it looks as if they are not very pleased with Del Rio, or his relationship with Paige, and would rather see the former WWE Divas Champion break things off and distance herself from him.

Del Rio has been ridden with controversies following his WWE departure last year, and it looks like things are starting to fall apart between Paige and Del Rio, which is something that many wrestling fans expected to happen eventually. Only time will tell if Paige realizes that she's probably better off without the current GFW Heavyweight Champion "Alberto El Patron".

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