Painful Moment That Caused Paige's Injury Surfaces [VIDEO]

A fan shot video has surfaced of the moment that Paige suffered an injury at a WWE live event following a kick to the back from Sasha Banks.

There were times during 2017 where it seemed as if Paige may never wrestle inside a WWE ring ever again. The two-time Divas' Champion has tackled issue after issue during the past 18 months. From wellness policy violations to sex tape leaks to a major neck surgery, it's a minor miracle that Paige has now returned to Raw.

Paige has not just returned, but she currently has a prominent position on the roster. The British Superstar announced her return to the roster a few weeks ago and she had a couple of new faces in tow—Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. The three of them make up the faction Absolution and they have been tearing through the Raw women's roster.


Paige's comeback party may have just been spoiled though. At a live event this week, Paige took part in a six-woman tag match and suffered what initially appears to be a pretty nasty looking injury. While Paige is facing away from Sasha Banks, The Boss kicks her in the back and clearly, the Absolution leader didn't know it was coming. Paige hits the mat with force and grabs at her right shoulder. She tries to carry on but, clearly, there's a problem and the referee rightly decides to end the match so that medics can tend to Paige.

At the time of typing this, it is unclear as to how severe Paige's injury actually is, although she has been removed from the remainder of the Raw live events this weekend. What's worrying when you first see the footage of the injury is the fact that Paige has only recently returned from neck surgery. While it seems as if her shoulder is the problem, there is currently no telling as to whether damage has also been done to her neck.

It will be a real shame if this unfortunate injury leads to Paige having to spend some more time on the sidelines. The former NXT Women's Champion has overcome so much in order to get back to wrestling and now she may very well have had another hurdle placed in her way. Hopefully, Paige will show up on Raw this Monday and the injury will be one that is long forgotten.


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