Paige Posts Another Inspirational Message Amid Retirement Rumors

Just as Paige looked to be through the worst of what has happened in her life over the course of the past two years, the two time Divas' Champion had more heaped on to her plate. At a live event a few weeks ago the British Superstar suffered a nasty looking injury following a mis-timed spot between her and Sasha Banks. The match was called off as Paige clearly couldn't continue.


There were various rumors flying around about how serious this fresh injury was and when Paige appeared on Raw last week many assumed that maybe the injury wasn't that bad. Then this past weekend news emerged that WWE doctors would not clear Paige for in-ring competition. Not only for the near future, but forever.

Despite that news doing the rounds over the weekend it was never confirmed by WWE that Paige's career is over, nor by Paige herself. Then the Absolution leader once again appeared on Raw this past Monday night. While WWE may not have announced that Paige is done competing in the ring, they did tell fans that a neck injury suffered by the Norwich native means she will not be taking part in the first ever women's Royal Rumble match.

Now fans seemingly don't know what to think, and what was first sympathy for Paige has turned into hope for her career. Along with the lack of an announcement from WWE the Superstar herself tweeted on Tuesday morning that 2018 is going to be her year. What she means by that exactly is unclear of course but it doesn't seem as if Paige believes her in-ring career to be over just yet.

If Paige's career is over that would be very sad indeed. The first ever NXT Women's Champion may have already accomplished a lot in pro wrestling but she is still just 25 years old. Paige still has so much more to give and clearly she wholeheartedly believes that. Maybe the anti-diva's career is not yet over and if she does make a comeback once again who's to say that 2018 will not be her year.


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Paige Posts Another Inspirational Message Amid Retirement Rumors