Is Paige Training For A WWE Return?

Paige is dead set on putting the last year and a half behind her, and the Superstar's social media would suggest a WWE return is near.

It has been a tough 18 months for Paige. Her run of bad luck began in 2016 when the two-time Divas' Champion was suspended following a violation of WWE's wellness policy. That hiccup in her career started the British Superstar on a slippery slope. Since then we haven't seen Paige on WWE television and instead, she has been making all the wrong headlines. From photo leaks to neck surgery, Paige has had a rough time of it.

In recent weeks, however, things have been looking up for the Norwich born wrestler. Considering what happened since her suspension, you would imagine that WWE would be reluctant to take Paige back, and it seemed likely that her release was inevitable. The company kept her under contract though, and it appears that Paige is on the comeback trail. Up until now, it has simply been Paige claiming that she'll soon be back in a WWE ring, but earlier this week, she provided us with some hard evidence.


On Monday, the former champ posted a photo of the WWE Performance Center along with the caption "Went to see an old friend today. Good to be back there!" WWE has also run a feature on their website about Paige's upcoming return. While the main job of WWE's PC is to train new talent, it also plays a key part in rehabbing Superstars who suffered injuries. Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, John Cena, and Cesaro are just a few of the names that have gone there in recent years before making their triumphant returns.

Went to see an old friend today. Good to be back there! @wwe #RoadBackToMyHouse

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Paige was one of the women who really kick-started the women's revolution currently raging on in WWE right now. Before the likes of Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks made a splash on Raw and SmackDown Live, Paige was already there winning championships and famously feuding with AJ Lee, so it would be great to see her back.

While all the rumors before now have mainly revolved around Paige simply wanting to return to WWE, her presence at the Performance Center is the first concrete evidence that a comeback is in the cards. It would appear that her neck surgery was a success, and WWE is almost at a point where enough time has passed without Paige being involved in a scandal. Here's to hoping that her return happens sooner rather than later.

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