WWE Rumor: Paige Kept Off Raw To Keep Spotlight On Asuka At Survivor Series

Paige was expected to return on Raw last night but apparently, WWE held off so that Asuka has the spotlight at Survivor Series.

Going into Raw on Monday night, there was one spot left to fill on the red brand's women's Survivor Series team. Days before, a triple threat match was booked between Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Mickie James with the winner earning the right to fill that final spot. As Raw grew closer though rumors intensified that Paige would be making her return and that she'd be added to proceedings.


The triple threat match was actually the first bout of the night. It came and went, Bayley won, and Paige was nowhere to be seen. The two-time Divas' Champion was backstage though as she was seen by fans entering the building and also posted a video of herself with Renee Young while the show was going on. So, why didn't WWE use Paige on Raw?

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Well, according to PWInsider WWE were torn between having Bayley or Paige win the match. Apparently, they eventually opted for Bayley so that at Survivor Series on Sunday all the focus will be on Asuka. Having Paige return this week and compete on Sunday would obviously be a pretty big story and it seems WWE doesn't want that. Instead, they want Asuka to stand out and for The Empress's main roster build to continue.


That may not be the only reason that WWE postponed Paige's comeback either. The Brit posted a photo of herself with good friend Alicia Fox to Instagram over the weekend and apparently, some officials backstage at WWE weren't happy with how much attention it garnered. Clearly, if all of this is true, WWE is trying to take control of the situation and want to bring Paige back on their terms rather than when the fans are expecting her.

WWE holding off on Paige for a week or so in order to let Asuka have her moment might not be the worst idea in the world. The Japanese Superstar needs to be viewed as one of the biggest deals on the roster and right now that isn't happening. If these rumors are indeed true then it's a relief to hear that WWE isn't just giving up on Asuka. Instead, they're actually thinking two steps ahead in order to try and portray her as the megastar that she is and can be in WWE.


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WWE Rumor: Paige Kept Off Raw To Keep Spotlight On Asuka At Survivor Series