Paige No Longer In Raw's Introduction Video

Paige has been one of the most talked about WWE Superstars lately, but none of the talk has been about her wrestling. In fact, she hasn't even been featured on WWE television in over four months.

But in that time she has been suspended twice for violating the WWE wellness policy, she has proposed to her - still technically married - boyfriend Alberto Del Rio and she will be having neck surgery tomorrow which will keep her out of the ring for at least another 6-9 months.

What does all this mean for her future with the WWE? Well, we don't know. but RingSideNews did notice last night that Paige wasn't in the RAW opening credits video as she normally is. She has been replaced with WWE Cruiserweight Champion, TJ Perkins.

What do you think it means?

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Paige No Longer In Raw's Introduction Video