Paige Posts Inspirational Message Under Steamy Photo

Paige's recent comeback has been pretty inspirational, and the inspiration emanating from the Brit shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

There were times during the past 18 months or so where Paige likely believed that her ties with WWE had been severed for good. From the wellness policy violations to the photo and video leaks to the major neck surgery, the odds were very much against Paige ever returning to a WWE ring.


Here we are today, however, and even though Paige has only been back for a matter of weeks, it feels like she was never gone at all. The two-time Divas' Champion is the leader of new faction Absolution and along with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, she has run rough shot over the Raw women's division. It has been an amazing and inspirational comeback.

Paige should be extremely proud of the comeback she has made as she will be an inspiration to others for years to come. She is continuing to inspire not only on television but on social media also. On Monday, the Absolution leader posted a photo of herself in just a t-shirt with an inspirational quote to go along with it. The quote is one from Prince and clearly relates to what Paige has been through in her life recently, telling her followers that the opinion of others doesn't matter.

Paige could have very easily put her head down and just carried on with her life now that she's back on Raw. She didn't want to do that though, and was a guest on Lilian Garcia's podcast, Chasing Glory. On the show, she gave intimate details describing some of the things she went through while she was away from WWE which included wanting to commit suicide for a period of time following the leaks of her private photos and videos.


The successful return of Paige to WWE is evidence that the business of pro wrestling isn't all bad, and it doesn't merely chew up and spit out Superstars who wrong the company or go off the rails. Instead, it shows that they really do care about their wrestlers and thanks to their faith in Paige they have a Superstar who is not only inspiring to fans right now, but will continue to be for years to come.

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Paige Posts Inspirational Message Under Steamy Photo