Paige Ready To Return To WWE? Considering UFC?

Paige hasn't been seen in WWE since before she was drafted to Monday Night Raw back in July, and is currently recovering from neck surgery.

The former Divas Champion has been mat training with Alberto Del Rio over the past few days and recently stated in an interview with TMZ that when her WWE career calms down, she would love to embark on a career in UFC so that she can train like this every day.

It is unknown as to when Paige will make her WWE return, but recent rumors have suggested that the British star could be cleared by WWE to return in a few months and she has more recently been seen backstage at Monday Night Raw. Her suspension ended a long time ago and she could return to the company in a non-wrestling role any time now.

It was recently announced that WWE is set to team up with The Rock to make a Studios film about Paige and her family of wrestlers in the UK. The Knights have been part of a Channel 4 documentary before but this is the first time their story has made it to the silver screen.

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