Paige Responds To Del Rio Domestic Violence Investigation

Paige has once again responded via Twitter to the allegations circling her and Alberto Del Rio following an airport incident over the weekend, this time bringing more details and a different story than she initially told.

An altercation at Orlando International Airport on Sunday afternoon has led to rumors of serious trouble between Paige and her partner Alberto El Patron, formerly known as Alberto Del Rio in WWE. It was originally thought that the pair had an argument in public which led to the current GFW Champion being held for domestic battery. Paige spoke out via social media stating a 'crazy lady' who followed them during the occurrence threw a drink on Del Rio.

Original reports claimed Del Rio was held for domestic battery on Sunday afternoon following the incident but not arrested. According to Paige, however, she was held for questioning, not Del Rio, because she threw a drink on her fiancé (although she did not hit him with the glass like some reports suggested).

Paige posted the statement attempting to clear the air via her Twitter account on Wednesday, and shed some light on why the situation took place. The former Divas Champion received some bad news about her uncle and following that the two began to bicker. Del Rio then said something he shouldn't have, and Paige threw a drink in his face. In the statement, she says that she "shouldn't have done it" as they were in front of a lot of people.

Ever since Paige and Del Rio have been an item, it seems that barely a day goes by when the two aren't making headlines for one reason or another. Both of them were suspended for violations of WWE's wellness policy, and since then, Del Rio left the company, though Paige remains employed there. This latest story has been evolving since Sunday, and this statement from Paige provides the most information about it from either party since it took place.


While Paige seems to have cleared up a lot of the ambiguity surrounding the situation, it still doesn't explain everything. Most worryingly is the statements Paige's brothers posted on Facebook earlier in the week stating they are worried about their sister because Del Rio abuses her and uses his money to "cover his tracks".

This situation has spread to Del Rio's professional life as well as GWF issued a statement saying they've suspended their champion until the investigation is completed. Hopefully, what Paige stated on Twitter is the truth and that the whole thing has just been a huge misunderstanding.

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