Paige Responds To Reports Of Her Being Unwell

Paige hits back at claims she's not well with a photo of her own following a Del Rio family picture that was posted on social media last weekend.

With the circumstances surrounding Paige's life at the moment, there isn't anything the former Divas' Champion can do without every little piece of it getting dissected. Well, over the weekend a photo surfaced of the WWE Superstar—who was visiting Del Rio's family— not looking very well. It didn't take long for the Norwich native to silence those fretting about how she looked in the picture, however.


Paige hit back at those claiming that she isn't well with a photo of her own. The Brit is pictured at home and looks in much better health than the other recent picture that's doing the rounds. On the back of the pleas from Paige's brother two weeks ago, it's understandable that a photo like this one would raise more suspicions that Paige isn't completely herself right now.

Paige posted her own personal photo via her Twitter account on Sunday, July 24, 2017, telling her fans not to worry. She also said "I got the good bra on today and better lighting. You guys sure have a way with words to make a girl feel good." Obviously, Paige wasn't expecting the photo of her with her in-laws to be picked apart and understandably was a little hurt by the analysis of it before she cleared things up.

Paige and Del Rio have been making the headlines time and time again recently as the couple's dirty laundry is continually aired for all the world to see. The pair were recorded having an argument at an airport in Florida a couple of weeks ago and that has sparked speculation as to whether the relationship is healthy for either party involved, hence the picking apart of photos by worried fans.



Del Rio and Paige will undoubtedly wish that they could figure out what's going on between the two of them in private, but sadly for them, when you're famous that is a very hard thing to do. The investigation into what exactly happened at the airport two weeks ago is still ongoing, and until a conclusion to that saga is reached Paige and Del Rio's relationship will stay under the microscope.

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