Paige Could Be Returning To The Ring Soon After Neck Surgery

According to reports from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Paige is nearing a return to the ring following her neck surgery.

In their daily update on Wednesday, Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that it would appear WWE Superstar Paige is nearing a return to the ring after a successful neck surgery. The former Divas' Champion informed her fans that she would soon be having her final x-rays accompanied by some photos of her working out on her personal Instagram account.

Paige has been absent from WWE for over a year now following a string of instances that have kept her out of WWE's public eye. At first the British star was suspended from the company for 30 days following a violation of WWE's wellness policy, then she received a second suspension keeping her out of the ring for a further 60 days, once again for violating the wellness policy. Although those suspensions have since been served, Paige required neck surgery and her recovery from it is what has kept her from returning to the ring for this long.


Up until and including this point it was unclear how serious Paige's neck surgery was, and whether she would actually ever be able to return to the ring. What does remain a mystery is exactly whose ring Paige will compete in next. While her suspensions under WWE have all been served, the former NXT star has hardly kept herself in the company's good books while she's been away. Since she last competed in a WWE ring Paige has married Alberto Del Rio who parted ways with the company after also being suspended and has been rather outspoken about them since his departure. Her nude photos and videos being leaked earlier this year will also not have helped up WWE's opinion of her.

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While there are no reports indicating whether Paige's bridges with WWE have been completely burned, the next steps in her career will be extremely interesting. Her husband Del Rio is currently under contract with TNA and considering the closeness of their relationship it wouldn't be much of a shock to see Paige go there once her WWE contract has come to an end.

It would be a shame to never see Paige return to WWE television. Prior to her  troubles over the past twelve months the Norwich native was a terrific talent and a key player in the current women's revolution taking place in pro wrestling.


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