Paige Talks WWE Return, Going For Final Check Up

Paige has revealed during a recent interview that she may be returning to a WWE ring a lot sooner than most fans may realize.

Whenever Paige has been in the pro wrestling headlines recently it's been for all the wrong reasons. Her and her partner, Alberto Del Rio, had an altercation in an airport last month and since then the story has spiraled out of control. Well, Paige, the fans, and WWE will be glad to see some good news about the former Divas' Champion this week as the Brit discussed details about her eventual return to a WWE ring.


Thanks to suspensions and a neck surgery Paige has been away from WWE for over a year now. An awful lot has gone on in her life since then that has indicated she may never return to WWE at all. However, during a recent interview, she said quite the contrary. According to Paige, a WWE return is on the horizon, and she discussed how much the landscape has changed during her short time away as well as listing some of the Superstars she can't wait to get in the ring with.

While a lot of the interview focused on her latest goings on with Del Rio, the latter part of her appearance on Busted Open Radio honed in on much happier topics. Paige said that she'll hopefully be back "sooner rather than later" and that her final check up was taking place early on this week. The Norwich native also went on to say how weird it is being away from the ring for so long, and that even though she's been traveling with Del Rio, it's not the same.


Another female Superstar who has been away from the squared circle for as long as Paige is Eva Marie who was released from the company just last week. Considering her length of absence and the time of year being when WWE usually part ways with some of their talent, fans may have been worried that Paige was also about to head out the door. Luckily that does not appear to be the case, and if what Paige is saying is to be believed she'll be back on our screens before we know it.



As mentioned above, it's nice to finally have some good news about Paige. She was there for the beginnings of the women's revolution currently tearing through WWE, and on top of that since she's been away the company have also branched out into her home country of the UK like never before. Those two factors coupled with the fact that she's an incredible wrestler should leave all parties pleased that Paige will be back in the ring sometime very soon.

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