Paige Talks WWE Return

Paige has been off of WWE's product for over a year now but revealed earlier this week that a return may be just a couple of months away.

Whenever Paige made headlines recently it has more often than not been for all the wrong reasons. Whether it's suspensions or airport bust-ups, it just seemed to be bad news coming from the camp of the former Divas' Champion. Thankfully, the last couple of weeks seemed more upbeat for the Brit. A couple of weeks ago Paige announced she was having her final CT scan following her neck surgery, and now it would appear that a WWE comeback is on the horizon.

Not so long ago the future looked bleak for Paige's WWE career. Two suspensions, a neck surgery, not to mention her turbulent relationship with the former employee of Vince McMahon, Alberto Del Rio. It really did look like there may be no way back. If what Paige is saying is true, there is a way back and she is very much on that path. According to her, one of the final steps is to be cleared by WWE's doctors.


Daily DDT brought attention to a Twitter video posted by KENS 5 producer, Chelsey Hernandez. Chelsey asked Paige when she would be returning to WWE TV, to which the Superstar replied hopefully sometime in the next couple of months, but she will have to be cleared by WWE's doctors first as stated above.

Paige has been one of the key figures in WWE when it comes to the rise of women's wrestling within the company. A lot of her actions and matches can be considered milestones in what has been dubbed the Women's Revolution, such as her NXT Women's Championship match with Emma, and also her win over AJ Lee to become Divas' Champion during her first night on Raw.


Getting cleared by WWE's doctors is by no means easy, just ask Daniel Bryan. However, if her surgery has indeed been successful, then there's no reason why she won't be back on WWE television before the end of 2017. The women in the company continue to go from strength to strength, and a returning Paige will only further boost their efforts.

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