10 Things About Paige in WWE They Don't Cover In Fighting With My Family

There have been good movies based on pro wrestling before, but many of them focus on the uglier side of the business. Think The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke as an example. However, there's few wrestling movies that are both sad, heartfelt and uplifting all at the same time. Fighting With My Family is thankfully a movie that combines all of those into a biopic about the rise of WWE's Paige.

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However, it's impossible to fit Paige's entire life story inside of a single film. There are several moments in her life both good and bad that were excluded from the film or heavily modified. Here are 10 things about Paige  they don't cover in Fighting With My Family.

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10 She Wrestled When She Was Just A Fetus

Tons of wrestlers like to say that they were born to wrestle or that wrestling is in their blood. However. nobody else can say it with as much confidence as Paige does.

Before she was even fully born, Paige was part of a wrestling match. That would be because her mother Julia (ring name Sweet Saraya) wrestled while she was 7 months pregnant with her daughter. In the words of the ECW fandom, "SHE'S HARDCORE! SHE'S HARDCORE!"

9 She Was A Dual Champion

The climax of the film involves Paige making her main roster debut on Monday Night Raw against Divas Champion A.J Lee (played by Zelina Vega). When she wins the match and walks out with her belt, it's a big moment.

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What the movie failed to mention was that Paige was actually a dual champion when she walked out of the building. At the time, she held the NXT Women's Championship as well as the Divas Championship. Sure she would vacate the NXT title soon after, but it's still noteworthy that she remains the only woman in WWE history to do this.

8 She Is No Longer Wrestling

Pro wrestling is a brutal profession where careers can end in an instant in freak accidents. Unfortunately, such an accident happened to Paige just a scant 15 months ago at a WWE Live Event in New York.

With her back turned to Sasha Banks, Paige got struck with a double kick in the back which dropped her hard to the canvas. The kick would give her a neck injury that forced her into retirement.

7 She Was Engaged

The show Total Divas is a show that you know you shouldn't like, but sometimes fall under its siren spell anyway. Paige became a cast member on the show in season 3 and has provided much drama to the E! Network series.

One of the more memorable moments was when she accepted a marriage proposal from boyfriend Kevin Skaff, the guitarist from the band A Day To Remember. However, she would then admit to the musician that she wasn't actually ready for marriage and the relationship fell through. That wouldn't keep Paige down for long though.

6 She Was Engaged Another Time

After a relatively brief period of time later, Paige would then propose to her boyfriend and fellow wrestler Alberto Del Rio after a match in Puerto Rico. Keep in mind that Del Rio was still legally married at this point, but that's the least of our worries here.

Paige's relationship with Del Rio was filled with drama and worry the whole time. Not only did they receive suspensions from WWE, but they were constantly in the headlines for signs of a toxic relationship. The engaged couple would eventually call it quits and that seems to be best for both of them.

5 Teamed With Her Rival At WrestleMania

Paige's short WWE career will always be closely tied to the greatest WWE female performer of her generation, AJ Lee. Not only did Paige's main roster career begin with Lee, but Lee's time with the company ended in a match involving the goth queen.

At WrestleMania 31, Paige and AJ put their differences aside to team up against who many consider the Kardashians of the WWE, the Bella Twins. The two teams couldn't be more opposite in the fans' eyes and the misfit team of Paige and Lee would pick up the win.

4 She Didn't Get Into The WWE At First

In the biopic film, it appears that Paige is able to enter the WWE on her very first tryout for the company. That would be a great accomplishment if it turned out to be true. However, the movie fudges the truth a bit here.

In reality, Paige had previously tried out for the WWE a time before her second tryout and didn't get the gig. Parts of this did make into the movie however as in her first tryout she dyed her hair blonde and got a tan. Her second time around however she wouldn't be stopped and the WWE took her in.

3 She Was A Bouncer In Her Early Years

As you can tell from the movie, Paige's parents aren't exactly the generic suburban mom and pop from around the block. They've lived a rough and tough life so it shouldn't surprise you that they ran a bar in real life.

Being the parents they are, they left their 15-year-old daughter as the bartender/bouncer of the bar when they were gone. She even told a story on Steve Austin's podcast of where she broke up a fight by sitting on one woman and bringing the other down in a headlock. Would you expect anything less from the Anti-Diva?

2 The Rock Isn't Her Fav

To those who just saw the movie, people may come off with the impression that The Rock was Paige's favorite wrestler with all of the interactions she has with Dwayne Johnson in the film. This, however, would be false as Paige's fav is none other than Rocky's greatest rival, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Paige revealed when she was a guest on Austin's podcast that as a teenager, she had quite the crush on the Rattlesnake. Given how Paige seems more comfortable with the rough and tough crowd than the Hollywood one, this makes a lot of sense.

1 Leaks Almost Destroyed Her

It happens way too often, but unfortunately, hackers can easily wreak havoc on people's lives with just a few keystrokes. Several celebrities have been a victim of these cowards and Paige got it real bad in 2017.

That year, videos and photos of Paige being intimately involved with current and former WWE performers Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox were leaked online. This caused Paige to spiral into a deep depression which she has spoken at length about. Thankfully she says she's never been happier in her life than right now, showing that there is hope even when all hope is lost.

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