Papa Hunter: 8 NXT Kids Making Triple H Proud And 7 Who Are Disappointing

The following is a list of eight stars that are doing Triple H proud and seven that he wants to forget were ever in NXT.

Over the past few years, NXT has become a worldwide phenomenon because of the way Triple H has been booking some of the biggest names in wrestling.

The likes of Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Shinsuke Nakamura have all been persuaded to join WWE's developmental brand over the past few years because they are fully aware of the fact that NXT has the potential to be much bigger than the main show if given the chance.

There are already many stars from NXT who have been integrated into the main roster over the past few years and while many of them have gone on to be World Champions or Tag Team Champions, there are many who could well need another run in NXT to make them relevant again.

Triple H is obviously proud of all of the stars that he has made and even more so of the ones who were selected to be part of the main roster. The problem is that not all of them have had the success they have desired. So it could be argued that as their creator, Triple H would not be proud of their current position on the WWE card.

The following is a list of eight stars that are doing Triple H proud and seven that he wants to forget were ever in NXT.

15 Proud: Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks is a former four-time Raw Women's Champion and since she was drafted to Raw last summer it has looked as though the entire Women's Division has been built around her. This Sunday she walks into her second WrestleMania match in consecutive years as she is once again fighting for the Women's Championship.

Sasha main evented Raw and she was one of the first women inside Hell in a Cell. She is also the only woman to have ever competed in two Ironman matches. Sasha is a popular star when it comes to the WWE Universe and it is easy to see why she has broken down ceilings and kicked down doors, which all began when Triple H gave her the opportunity she deserved whilst she was a competitor in NXT.

14 Disappointing: Apollo Crews


Apollo Crews has been on the main roster for almost a year and he hasn't made the impact that Triple H was hoping he would have. Apollo was one of the standout stars in NXT and he was one that grabbed Triple H's attention from the beginning, so he was given his debut on the Raw roster the night after WrestleMania 32.

Sadly for Apollo, the main roster hasn't treated him as well as the NXT one did and over the past nine months, he has gone from pointless feud to pointless feud. His most recent one being a match against Dolph Ziggler where he included himself for no real reason. This Sunday Apollo will probably be inserted into the Andre ehe Giant Memorial Battle Royal where he will have only a small cameo on the grandest stage of them all.

13 Proud: Big E


Big E is a former NXT Champion and was part of the NXT roster when the company was still in its infancy. It was Big E that ended the reign of inaugural champion Seth Rollins. Big E had a great run in NXT before he was promoted to the main roster as a bodyguard for World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Big E and AJ Lee then formed an alliance before Big E was repackaged and brought back to the attention of the WWE Universe as a member of The New Day. The group wasn't accepted very well by the WWE fans when they first debuted, but over the past few year's the group has become one of the most popular teams in WWE and the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in the history of WWE.

12 Disappointing: Summer Rae


Summer Rae was a genuine competitor in NXT and was considered to be one of the up and coming female talents in the Women's Division before WWE decided to prematurely promote her and allow her to be the dancer for Fandango.

Summer Rae then branched out to in-ring wrestling and was even part of a feud with Layla before she was added to the cast of Total Divas. But that's as far as Summer has been able to go in the WWE. She was drafted to Raw as part of the WWE Draft last Summer but hasn't been seen on the roster yet. She underwent surgery last year and should have been fit to return a long time ago, but it seems that WWE is not yet willing to bring her back to WWE TV.

11  11. Proud: Baron Corbin


The winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at last year's WrestleMania has gone on to become one of SmackDown's stand out stars this year. Baron was a huge star in NXT and even though he was a heel, he was still considered to be popular with the FullSail crowd.

Baron has been thrust into a feud with Dean Ambrose over the past few months; a feud that he has been on top of the entire time. This will culminate at WrestleMania on Sunday night when Baron steps into his first ever one-on-one match on the grandest stage of them all, as he fights Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship. If Corbin wins, then it will be the first title that he has won in almost three years with WWE.

10 Disappointing: Rusev


Rusev could have been on the opposite side of this list if it was written a year ago. He had it all in WWE as a former United States Champion and at one point was the holder of an undefeated streak. Something that he also managed in NXT. Sadly over the past few months, Rusev has been put in terrible feuds and hasn't been able to connect very well with Jinder Mahal since they were supposed to be partners.

Rusev was completely knocked out by Big Show at Fastlane and now for the first time since he was promoted to the main roster, he will miss WrestleMania after being ruled out with a shoulder injury, that will require surgery. Rusev needs a change of attitude when he returns to WWE if he wants to be taken seriously again.

9 Proud: Alexa Bliss


Alexa Bliss was mostly used as a manager/valet when she was down in NXT and helped Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy to Tag Team Championship gold. Alexa did compete a few times in the NXT Women's Division, but it was thought that she was prematurely promoted to the main roster as part of the WWE Draft last summer.

Alexa has been one of the standout women's wrestlers this year and is the first woman to win the SmackDown Women's Championship twice. Alexa now walks into WrestleMania this weekend as the Women's Champion for the first time and defends against the entire SmackDown Women's locker room. Alexa has shown over the past few months why she was considered to be one of the breakout NXT stars of the past few years.

8 Disappointing: The Ascension


The longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions in the history of the company haven't had the impact that they desired on the main roster over the past few months. The Ascension were one of the best things in NXT a few years ago but after being destroyed by legends on Monday Night Raw and being given a self-righteous gimmick, The Ascension have been buried on WWE's main roster.

Konnor and Viktor were drafted to the SmackDown roster as part of the WWE Draft in the Summer, and it was thought that this was the start of something great for them. It turned out that sadly it continued the same way for the duo and they are still being underused right now and Triple H definitely will not be happy about the way his former champions are being booked.

7 Proud: Roman Reigns 


Roman Reigns had a brief stint in NXT before he was promoted to the main roster as part of The Shield back in October 2012. Roman has since gone on to win the Royal Rumble, main event WrestleMania twice, and become a three-time World Champion over the past few years.

Roman has accomplished a lot in his time as a singles competitor on the main roster and Triple H will definitely be proud of how far Roman has come since his days in NXT. Reigns has his haters, but it can not be denied that there is something that pushes him beyond other stars and the fact that he is wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania in just a few days times shows just how much faith WWE have in him.

6 Disappointing: Carmella


Carmella was promoted to the main roster at the same time as Alexa Bliss, as part of the WWE Draft back in 2016. During her time in NXT Carmella was mostly used as a valet/manager for Enzo and Cass, but after they were promoted without her, she was pushed to compete in the Women's Division instead.

Carmella began her career on the main roster with a lengthy feud against Nikki Bella. The only problem is that she hasn't been able to recreate this feud since. WWE have instead decided to align her with a jobber like James Ellsworth and have allowed him to take a lot of the spotlight away from her, which seems harsh on Carmella because she is a lot better than WWE are allowing her to be.

5 Proud: Bayley


Bayley was always considered to be a star who would never be able to take the fan reaction she received in NXT and replicate it on the main roster. Bayley is a former NXT Women's Champion, but many of the WWE Universe thought that it wouldn't get any better than that for her.

Shockingly, Bayley is the current Raw Women's Champion and walks into WrestleMania this weekend as the champion in her debut match. She has been at the forefront of the Women's Division over the past few months and proved a lot of her doubters wrong. Bayley has progressed a lot in the past few months since she made her Raw debut and it seems as though Triple H would definitely be proud of the Champion she has become.

4 Disappointing: Mojo Rawley


It is a well-known fact that Mojo Rawley is one of Triple H's favourite wrestlers. He is a big fan of everything he does and has a lot of time for Mojo because he puts the time and effort in and Triple H feels that he has the right kind of dedication and that he will finally make it if he's willing to keep pushing.

Mojo was a shock final NXT star that was drafted to the main roster back in the summer and since then he has had a brief spell with his former Tag Team partner Zack Ryder. But his recent injury has forced him to go it alone. Mojo is part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and was even part of the Royal Rumble, but it just doesn't feel as though he is progressing on the main roster at all.

3 Proud: Charlotte


The Queen of the WWE Women's Division has proved that there is a reason she has gained a name of this calibre having become a five-time Raw Women's Champion over the past 10 months. Charlotte has controlled the Women's Division over the past few years and is also a former Divas Champion.

Many of the WWE Universe regard Charlotte as one of the best female wrestlers in WWE history and see her as the future of the business. Her father has obviously helped her along the way, but over the past few months Charlotte's success has continued without her father by her side, so she has proved a lot of her doubters wrong. Charlotte is part of her second WrestleMania this weekend, but for the first time, she walks in without a Championship around her waist.

2 Disappointing: Tyler Breeze


Tyler Breeze was a longstanding member of the NXT locker room and it was thought that WWE was waiting for the perfect time to call Breeze up to the main roster. This was finally done back in 2015 and it seems that this was one of the biggest mistakes that WWE ever made with him.

Breeze has been wasted on the main roster and after being used as a talent enhancing star for a few months WWE decided to put him and Fandango together to create a tag team that had very little or no credibility. Breeze was recently forced to dress up like Nikki Bella so that he could be beaten up by a girl as well, which shows that he can not sink any lower than he already is.

1 Proud: Seth Rollins


Triple H once commented that he thought Seth Rollins was his greatest creation. He was the first ever NXT Champion and was recruited by Triple H when he was part of The Shield to be made part of The Authority.

Seth Rollins is a former World Champion and despite the fact that he was injured back in November 2015, Triple H has still requested to face Rollins at WrestleMania. It is regarded as an honour to face Triple H, especially at WrestleMania. If he wasn't proud of The Architect and how far he has come in WWE, then he wouldn't be fighting so hard to face him this weekend. Rollins injuries may have put him behind by a few months, but his talent speaks for itself.

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Papa Hunter: 8 NXT Kids Making Triple H Proud And 7 Who Are Disappointing