Passing The Genes: 10 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Became Parents (And 5 Who Are Grandparents)

Unless you're Vince Russo, who broke kayfabe all the time, or Lana who accidentally broke kayfabe, wrestlers keep their private life out of their WWE characters. There's a good reason for this, because most fans don't want to think about mysterious, over-the-top or larger than life characters as normal human beings with families. The fact is, WWE is a job just like any other job and WWE superstars are just like any employee working for a company. Many WWE Superstars, despite not being public about it, have families that they are providing for.

Kevin Owens is a prime example of a family man who is working in the WWE just like any other husband working to provide for his family. He doesn't bring his family life into his character because they would hinder his evil, arrogant and heelish persona. We've seen how personal revelations can affect the fans' perspective on superstars, for example Lita during her affair with Edge, or Lana posting pictures of her wedding with Rusev when they were supposed to be feuding. Both examples caused rewrites for WWE and is another reason why superstars keep their private life under wraps. The extreme protection of superstars' private lives and kayfabe makes it all the more surprising when a superstar is discovered to be a normal human being who is married with children.

Sometimes the personal lives of WWE superstars come out into the light, like Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan welcoming their newborn daughter. Recently, Maryse and Maria Kanellis' pregnancy became public to explain their absence from television, but for the most part, a superstar being a parent isn't often publicized. Even more shocking is when these superstars are uncovered to be parents and even grandparents. In case you didn't know about these superstars, this article is for you. Here are 10 superstars you didn't know became parents, and 5 that are grandparents.

15 Mike Kanellis (Parent)

Mike and Maria Kanellis made a big splash in the indies and on TNA Impact. The couple has just arrived on WWE and proceeded straight the SmackDown. Fans knew they were a legit couple and legitimately married, so when Maria announced that she was preggers, except for maybe the timing of the pregnancy, no one was really surprised by this. At any rate, Maria has been taken off of television, like Maryse, and Mike has been seen much either. Hopefully, when Maria is able, the power couple will reunite and carry on where they left off.

While it’s nice to hear that Mike and Maria are expecting, Mike has apparently already spread the power of love with someone other than Maria. Mike and Maria’s child won’t be Mike’s first and only child. Mike has a son named Austin from a previous relationship before Maria. This hasn’t affected Mike and Maria’s relationship in the slightest, and Maria has seemingly accepted Austin as if he was her own.

14 Roderick Strong (Parent)

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Roderick Strong isn’t the most well known superstar among the casual WWE fan. He started in the independent circuit, namely Ring of Honor, where Strong worked for 13 years before signing with WWE. Strong is trying to make a name for himself in NXT and add to his lengthy career. But if you didn’t know about his past, you’d think he was young wrestling novice.

While Strong has that baby face about him, and really hasn’t looked like he aged a bit since his ROH days, Strong is actually in his mid thirties. Strong is off the market as well and engaged to his girlfriend and mixed martial artist, Marina Shafir. Just recently, Strong and Shafir welcomed their first child, Troy, back in April. Strong’s fatherhood may come as a shock lacking any hint of age or dad-bod.

13 Brock/Sable (Grandparents)

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It’s hard for me to believe that the reigning, defending, undisputed, Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, is remarried to Sable, of all women, but it’s true. Brock Lesnar, who has two other children from a previous relationship, married Sable and have two kids together. That’s not common knowledge considering how private both their lives are. Even less common knowledge is the fact that Sable is actually a grandma.

Yep, the diva who had paint covering herself during the famous bikini contest, apparently, has a daughter from her first marriage, and that daughter is now a mom as well. That’s makes Sable, who still looks great at 50, a grandma. Even more unfathomable, that makes The Beast, being married to Sable, a step grandfather at 40, in addition to his four other kids of his own.

12 Roman Reigns (Parent)

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Roman Reigns is the Big Dog of the WWE and the cousin of someone known as The Rock. He has main evented three WrestleMania in a row and slated for another. He ended The Undertaker’s career and showed everyone that the WWE is “his yard.” That being said, fans know absolutely nothing else about Roman Reigns or his life outside of wrestling.

At 32, Reigns has accomplished so much in his young WWE career, one would think WWE would be a little better at promoting him. Like Goldberg, Reigns has had brief career in the NFL, making the usage of the Spear a little more logical, but of course, that’s not promoted. Neither is the fact that Reigns is married with a daughter, Joelle. Maybe Reigns would get a little less grief if WWE would promote the human side of Reigns instead the overpushed Superman that breaks every stretch of the imagination.

11 Corey Graves (Parent)

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Despite being retired from in-ring competition, Corey Graves provides his talents on the announce table and does a pretty nice job of it. After suffering through a couple serious concussions, he thought of his family and his own health and hung up the boots. Most people didn’t even know Graves had a wife, who he married in 2009, much less three kids.

Corey Graves’ career in WWE hasn’t been very long, but he had been wresting for over a decade in the independent circuit. Graves still has that youthful look and never brings up his personal life, but Graves, who is now 33, isn’t a young jock anymore. He has settled down with his wife, who shares his love of tattoos, while Graves was wrestling in the indies. He got his big break joining WWE’s developmental territory until his career ending injury. Thankfully, Graves landed the commentator’s job and is able to provide a great life for his wife and children.

10 Batista (Grandparent)

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Like Randy Orton, Batista was pretty much destined to be a major star in WWE, a future World Champion, and hall of famer. Batista had a late start in WWE, but still managed to have a long, successful career in the company. Batista hasn’t ruled out a WWE return, but for now, Batista is making it big on the big screen. For now, Batista is semi retired from the ring, 48 years old (believe it or not), and not only a father but a grandfather as well.

That’s right. The Animal who can still dominate the WWE and is dominated Hollywood, has two grandchildren from his eldest daughter from his first marriage, Keilani. Batista is in terrific shape, so to hear he’s 48 and a grandfather is surprising to say the least.

9 Bray Wyatt (Parent)

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When he’s not the “Eater of Worlds,” Bray Wyatt is the daddy of two. WWE has pretty much kept Bray Wyatt’s past under wraps, choosing to protect the illusion of the mysterious Bray Wyatt character. Due to WWE protecting the kayfabe of Bray Wyatt a little more than others, Bray Wyatt having a life outside of the wrestling world isn’t common knowledge. Because of the shadowing of Bray Wyatt's personal life, revelations of his family and his affair shocked the wrestling world.

Bray Wyatt is not only a father of two children, but at one point, was married to his wife of five years. Later, rumors of Wyatt’s infidelity hit the airwaves, and Wyatt’s mysterious private life wasn’t so private anymore. Wyatt supposedly had an affair with ring announcer JoJo Offerman, and now, with Wyatt and his wife divorced, he is continuing with that relationship with her.

8 Goldust (Parent)

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Dusty Rhodes was one of the most flamboyant and charismatic wrestlers off all-time, so it should come to know surprise that his son, Goldust, is the same way. Goldust took the flamboyance to a whole new level and used his ambiguous sexuality to get into the heads of his opponents. While the Goldust character may have been sexually indistinguishable, Dustin Runnels, the man under the paint, was not so ambiguous marrying, Terri Runnels in 1993 while both were working in WCW. If there was ever someone that would be hard to picture as a normal husband or parent, it’d be Goldust.

The fact of the matter is Goldust and Terri’s relationship carried over to WWE programming when Terri became Goldust’s manager and their marriage became a little more publicized. What remained unknown to WWE fans was their child, Dakotah, who Goldust and Terri had together in 1994, before their divorce in 1999. Despite having the "Bizarre One" as a dad, Dakotah seems to have grown up well and is living life like any other normal young woman.

7 Stone Cold Steve Austin (Grandparent)

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If four wives, three children, affairs, grandchildren, divorce and domestic abuse sound like an episode of Jerry Springer, you’d be wrong. It’s actually the personal life of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold was first married to his high school and college sweetheart, Kathryn Burrhus. While married, Austin then entered a relationship with Jeanie Clarke. Austin and Burrhus divorced, leaving Austin free to marry Clarke. Austin became the adoptive father of Clarke’s daughter from a previous relationship and would go on to have two daughters of his own with Clarke. A few years later, Austin and Clarke would divorce, then Austin married Debra, and we know how that worked out.

Finally, Austin married Kristin Feres being his current wife after his previous three. Even more shocking than four wives is the fact that Austin is actually a grandfather. What? That's right, I said grandfather. Clarke's daughter, Stone Cold's step-daughter, Jade, is married and has a child of her own, technically, making Stone Cold a grandfather. And that's the bottom line.

6 Jimmy & Jey Uso (Parents)

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Like their cousin, Roman Reigns, both Usos, Jimmy and Jey are parents as well. Thanks to Total Divas, Jimmy’s real life relationship with his wife and fellow wrestler, Naomi, is a little more known than Jey’s real life relationship with his wife, Takecia Travis. Jey and Takecia have two sons together, as most married couples do, but Jimmy and Naomi, as of right now, have no children of their own.

Not widely known is that Jimmy actually has two children, a son and a daughter, from prior to his relationship with Naomi. Through their marriage, Naomi is now the step-mother of Jimmy’s children, making her a mother as well. No one would be shocked if Naomi and Jimmy decide to have a child together down the road thus making that large family tree even larger.

5 Tamina (Parent)

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Speaking of the Anoa'i family, here we have Tamina and her daughters. With there being so many other female powerhouses in WWE, it’s sometimes easy to forget about Tamina Snuka. She’s the daughter of legendary Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, and yet, Tamina doesn’t have a whole lot to show for that lineage. With the Snuka name not strong enough to ride her way into the upper echelon of the Women’s Division, why not push her real life single mom struggles to the WWE programming?

Though it’s not common knowledge, Tamina was once married with two children, Milaneta and Maleata. Tamina has since been divorced, leaving Tamina to take care of her kids on her own. Clearly, she’s doing a good job as her daughters appear to be growing up into beautiful young ladies.

4 Rikishi (Grandparent)

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Continuing with the Anoa’i family tree brings us to Solofa Fatu, a.k.a. Rikishi. Known for his devastating Rikishi Driver, Rump Shaker and Stink Face, Rikishi is a former Intercontinental Champion, WWE Hall of Famer and proud father of The Usos. Not only does Rikishi hold the honor being the father to his WWE Tag Team Champion sons but at 52, Rikishi is also a grandfather.

Jimmy and Jey Uso aren’t often acknowledged as Rikishi’s sons, and the family lives of Jimmy and Jey are kept mostly quiet as well. Fans have to remind themselves that Rikishi is the patriarch of the family, being the father of the Usos and the grandfather of their children. The question is will Jimmy and Jey’s children follow in their family’s footsteps and dance like their grandfather with Too Cool or go “Uso crazy” like their parents?

3 Erick Rowan (Parent)

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Erick Rowen is known for his psychotic characters on WWE. With his signature beard, he was the sheep mask wearing member of the Wyatt family.  Now, Rowen is on course to a cure to moral decay and weakness through pain and annihilation as a Bludgeon Brother. Makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is the thought of Erick Rowan being a normal husband and father of two.

When Rowan isn’t donning the sheep mask, now converted to some sort of gas mask, Rowan is spending time as a normal father and husband. Like Bray Wyatt, Rowan’s personal life is kept under wraps so not to interfere with his creepy and psychotic characters on WWE television. You can see why. This lovely father-daughter moment kind of ruins this mystique of the evil Erick Rowan.

2 Kofi Kingston (Parent)

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Kofi Kington has been in WWE for a while now. He lost his Jamaican accent, joined the New Day and from there reinvented his character. Despite his long tenure in WWE, it still doesn't feel like he should be 36 years old (old for a wrestler). Not only is Kofi’s age a little surprising, but he’s also been married for about seven years and a father.

Kofi keeps his private life out of WWE programming, but Kofi is actually married to Kori Campfield. Kori makes very few public appearance and isn’t brought up on any WWE programs. However, Kofi and Kori together have five children. Kofi has stated that parenthood can be frustrating, but he practices the power of positivity and promotes extreme patience.

1 Ken Shamrock (Grandparent)

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Ken Shamrock entered into the WWE and had all the makings of a big star. He had the ability and the look, but had no chance to rise above the likes of Steve Austin, The Rock or Triple H. That being said, Shamrock had an okay career in WWE and is now enjoying the retired life with his family going from "the most dangerous man" to most dangerous grandpa.

It seems like yesterday we were watching Ken Shamrock tap out Shawn Michaels with the sucker still in his mouth, but Shamrock is actually 53 now. Shamrock has four kids from his first marriage and has since divorced and remarried. Together with his new wife, Shamrock has three step-children making Shamrock a parent to seven children altogether and, for it, 10 grandchildren. It's not uncommon for someone at 53 to be a grandparent, it's just weird thinking of your childhood heroes being a grandparent to one child, let alone 10!

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