Why Brother Love Was Replaced By Paul Bearer As Undertaker's Manager

The Undertaker is perhaps the greatest wrestler of all-time, and at the very least on the Mt. Rushmore of WWE superstars. The Deadman became a face of professional wrestling in the '90s, and the ability to reinvent himself made The Undertaker an icon that will never be replaced.

There's one man whom Undertaker must thank for giving him the chance to be a legend. Long-time WWE producer Bruce Prichard was the first one who talked Vince McMahon into giving The Deadman a chance. Prichard saw Undertaker wrestle a match with a bad hip, and knew from then on that he had spotted a gem.

In the early stages of his WWF career, Undertaker was managed by Prichard - who donned the "Brother Love" gimmick. However, he was soon replaced by the legendary Paul Bearer as 'Taker's manager.

So why the change? In a recent interview on the WrestlingINC Podcast, Prichard explained why Brother Love was The Undertaker's manager for a very short period of time:

"I worked behind the scenes, and I was in studio producing the television shows at that time. And, I was given a choice. Here's the deal: Undertaker, we debuted him, it was my idea to manage him. I brought him in, did this whole thing about how I wanted to bring him in, who I wanted him to be, and I wanted to manage him.

I saw it as a television character, the Undertaker as an attraction became such a strong attraction in house shows, that Vince [McMahon] felt him going alone in house shows, you're only getting half of the package if I'm not there. So he said, you need to decide. You're either gonna be a talent and manage the Undertaker, and that means you're gonna be on the road traveling making all the same dates he does, or you can be back in the studio, and do your television duties. I chose to stay back in the studio and do my television duties."

Prichard then explained how they picked Paul Bearer (Bill Moody), to become Undertaker's next manager. During the job interview, Bearer admitted he had no wrestling experience, but was a mortician by trade.


Prichard said that everybody in the room began laughing, and immediately knew then and there that Bearer was the perfect manager for The Deadman. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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Bearer became one of the most iconic and beloved managers in all of wrestling, promoting The Undertaker and making him a household name. Sadly, he died of a heart attack at the age of 58 in 2013. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

As for Prichard, he turned out to be one of the most prominent and influential names in WWE, and became a special assistant to Vince McMahon. Without Prichard, there is no Undertaker legend that we all know and love today.

He took a major risk by quitting as Undertaker's manager, but it worked out well for all the parties.


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