Ronda Rousey will undoubtedly be a huge star in the WWE. Her presence alone makes her among the most anticipated arrivals in this history of the company and her skill as an MMA fighter means she’ll be a legitimate bad@$$ that commands respect upon her very first match. All that said, her time in WWE won’t be without its problems.

While comparisons between MMA and professional wrestling can be made, the reality is, they are very different beasts. In the WWE, a character is more than half the battle and to get your character over, most WWE Superstars need to have skill talking on a mic, delivering a scripted promo and working matches that are traditionally much longer and more frequent than any bout in a promotion like the UFC. Some of the best athletes in the world have struggled to grasp this concept and whether Rousey succeeds or not in this respect is still up in the air.

This is where a talent like Paul Heyman comes in.


Speculation is WWE has decided to give Rousey every opportunity to be a hit by teaming her with Heyman in much the same way he’s the advocate for Brock Lesnar. A one-man wrecking crew of carnage and suplexes, Lesnar is fine on his own. But, with a mouthpiece like Heyman backing him up, Lesnar is one of the WWE’s biggest stars. Heyman has the ability to make up for areas Lesnar lacks in, namely delivering promos to an audience.

This is not to suggest Rousey will certainly have this issue but in her limited appearances, she hasn’t looked 100 percent comfortable and Heyman could be exactly what puts Rousey at ease. Not only is he a great talker on his clients’ behalf, but his experience in professional wrestling and his ability to mentor talent on their way to the top is undeniable.


The fact is, no one delivers a promo like Paul Heyman. No one sells a WWE Superstar like Paul Heyman. No one tells a story, creates drama and interest and covers deficiencies like Paul Heyman. He’s the perfect fit for someone like Rousey. He can speak for her, letting her ease her way into the role of a WWE Superstar. He can pump her tires and all she has to do is stand there. Heyman can accentuate Rousey’s superstar status and weave a narrative that will take her straight to the top of the Women’s Division.

It makes absolute sense to pair these two together.

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