Paul Heyman Garnering Backstage Heat

Paul Heyman's time with the WWE has its rough patches, and it seems now, Brock Lesnar's advocate is in hot water with some creative team members.

It sounds like WWE management and creative aren't crazy about Paul Heyman because of his control over star wrestler Brock Lesnar.

The latest Wrestler Observer newsletter states that WWE management and creative view Heyman as controversial because of how often he has Brock Lesnar's segments changed.

It's being reported that Vince McMahon trusts Heyman enough that he lets Lesnar's advocate have a little more control over The Beast's segments. Dave Melzer has gone as far to say that there is some belief that if Heyman was out of the picture, that Lesner would be more willing to do things that were originally written for him by the WWE and there wouldn't be so much push back.


The 51-year-old Heyman has been with the WWE on and off since 2001, but his wrestling career started back in 1987 when he created his own newsletter called The Wrestling Times Magazine. He also wrote for  Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Heyman was very motivated and determined at a young age to get into the wrestling industry. At the age of 14, he called the WWE's parent company, Capital Wrestling Corporation, and was able to obtain a backstage pass for an event at Madison Square Garden.

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In 1988, Heyman made the move to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) where he managed the original Midnight Express while they feuded with the new Midnight Express. While he acted as a manager, he ended up settling into a job as a ringside announcer and called matches on TBS alongside Jim Ross.


In 1993, Heyman headed to Eastern Championship Wrestling after trying to start his own promotion in Texas, rebranding the company as Extreme Championship Wrestling. When ECW finally folded, Heyman then headed to the WWE in 2001 and worked for them as a commentator and writer until 2003. During that time he also managed Lesner from 2002-2003.

Heyman was the SmackDown! general manager from 2003 to 2004 after McMahon defeated his daughter Stephanie McMahon at the October 2003 No Mercy event. He was then sent down to head WWE's developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling, in 2005 but that only lasted until 2006. He then returned when WWE rebooted the ECW brand, though this caused another split between McMahon and Heyman

Since 2012, Heyman has enjoyed a fresh run where he managed the likes of Brock Lesnar, Cesaro, and CM Punk.


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Paul Heyman Garnering Backstage Heat