Paul Heyman Comments On Conor McGregor Joining WWE

WWE are always looking for cross cultural appeal on their shows and one rumored name throughout the last few months is Conor McGregor. The UFC lightweight champion is by far, the biggest draw when it comes to mixed martial arts and one person who would be happy to see the Irishman there is Paul Heyman.

“It’d be great if he was. He’s a main line box office attraction. He’s a headline news grabber. I think it’d be great for WWE and I think it would be even better for Conor McGregor."

“There are people mentioning him by name here using our platforms to promote him. He’s not mentioning anybody by name here. Why? Because he has a platform all of his own,” Heyman said. “That makes him a huge box office attraction, being promoted by other box office attractions that spend their equity talking about him. Kudos to him. He outsmarted everybody, except for me, except for Brock Lesnar.”

McGregor posted a tweet a while back, mocking the WWE roster and saying that he could take all of them on. This led to many WWE superstars retaliation but Heyman's response to that was:

“Suckers. Hook line and sink."

As for what Conor McGregor should do in the WWE:

“The smartest play for Conor McGregor is to become the very first Paul Heyman guy. (WWE) that’s where I am right now. I’m not going to him, he’s going to have to come to me.”

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