Paul Heyman Says Wrestling Fans NEED To Love One Bullet Club Member

Following a spectacular match at Wrestle Kingdom 12, Paul Heyman has some very kind words to say about one Bullet Club member.

Not many wrestlers have the honor of being able to call themselves a Paul Heyman guy, however, it seems as if Marty Scurll may soon be on that list.

Anyone who is still of the belief that a pro wrestler needs to compete in WWE in order to make it in the industry has obviously not seen what the Bullet Club has become over the past few years. The members of the faction may change, but the brand remains the same, and that brand has become one that is known around the world by pretty much anybody with as much as a passing interest in wrestling.

As mentioned above though, the members change. Finn Balor and AJ Styles both furthered their careers by leading the Bullet Club while in New Japan, plus Gallows and Anderson and NXT's Adam Cole have also spent time in the club. Currently, you'll find the likes of Cody, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Marty Scurll within its ranks.


That final name on the list, Marty Scurll, probably deserves more attention than he is currently getting, and judging by a recent Twitter post he may be about to get it. A photo of Scurll shaking hands with Paul Heyman found its way onto social media and the advocate was asked whether The Brit is a Paul Heyman guy. Heyman replied that he is a huge admirer of Scurll and that "anyone who is not, is simply not paying attention to the trends in the industry."

At Wrestle Kingdom 12 last week, Scurll found himself in an incredible fatal four-way match alongside fellow British star Will Ospreay who wound up winning the match. Take nothing away from Scurll though as he contributed just as much to that match as the rest of the competitors despite not emerging victorious. Plus, his entrance was one of the best of the entire night, let alone just the four-way he was involved in.

Avid fans will not need reminding that pro wrestling isn't necessarily just about being a technically good wrestler. You also have to have a personality, a character and an aura about you if you want to make it big. Marty Scurll checks all of those boxes. He may simply be a member of The Bullet Club for now, but don't be surprised if when Cody and Omega eventually move on, The Villain becomes the leader of pro wrestling's hottest faction.


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Paul Heyman Says Wrestling Fans NEED To Love One Bullet Club Member