Paul Heyman's Plans for Pushing Cedric Alexander Revealed

Former Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander is starting to see more time in the spotlight on Monday Night Raw, having caught the eye of Paul Heyman.

The new Executive Director of Raw has been the one behind Alexander's push the entire time. The latter has taken the WWE Universe by storm with his supreme and elite in-ring wrestling skills, and he's displayed all the makings to be a top-tier superstar.

Alexander will have a chance to add more momentum this Sunday, where he'll challenge AJ Styles for the United States Championship at Clash of Champions. Now, the odds of Alexander winning aren't great, but that doesn't man that Heyman is about to slow down on his push.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Ringside News), Alexander is one of the superstars that the Heyman "wants to give a slow push to the top rung." So even if Styles walks away victorious, fans at least know that Heyman is going to go slowly in giving the former Cruiserweight Champion a big push.

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Alexander turned heads when he challenged Baron Corbin in the Quarter-finals for the King of the Ring tournament. Alexander lost via pinfall, but it was arguably the greatest match of his young career. Corbin and the rest of the WWE roster was put on notice, and Alexander is only going to move up from here.

The 30-year-old Alexander had a brief feud with Drew McIntyre, whom he scored a pinfall victory on the July 15 episode of Raw. Alexander is in the early stages of a feud with Styles, and this rivalry could really take off - especially when you consider how talented and decorated both superstars are in the ring.

What's Next For Alexander?

As long as Heyman remains high on him, Alexander's push isn't going to go away. Vince McMahon hired Heyman and Eric Bischoff for a reason. The two Executive Directors know the importance of giving other superstars a look. So no matter what happens this Sunday against Styles, the future for Alexander is more than bright.

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