Paul Heyman Has High Praise For AJ Styles After Survivor Series

Many wrestling fans have been singing the praises of AJ Styles for years before his WWE debut, but now Paul Heyman reveals what he thinks of the star.

Paul Heyman has some high praise for AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar after their Survivor Series bout. It was a match put together in the final hours before Survivor Series, but it wound up being one of the best matches on the entire pay-per-view. AJ Styles versus Brock Lesnar had all the makings of a clash between two very contrasting styles but two styles that could pose for an entertaining bout. And, entertaining it was, especially if you ask the advocated for Lesnar, Paul Heyman, who had a front-row seat to the incredible action.

Lesnar came out the victor but in defeat, Styles earned tremendous respect. Lesnar walked away from the match less-than 100 percent and Styles hit a number of his signature moves, taking Lesnar to the brink. Heyman was impressed.

An in backstage exclusive interview, Heyman didn't just give props to Styles and how he battled against his client, he called AJ Styles the absolute best in WWE.


Among his many comments, Heyman called himself an Styles fan before almost anyone was. Knowing he'd been watching Styles longer than most, Heyman admitted Styles is more phenomenal than he gives himself credit for. He said, "If you're not an AJ Styles fan you shouldn't even be watching WWE. He's everything Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart, and Ric Flair were to their generation and he's updated it; he's evolved their styles to truly be the single most phenomenal in-ring performer I have ever had the honor and the pleasure of watching up close."

That's extremely high praise coming from a guy like Heyman who has been around the business and worked closely with some of the best ever to step foot inside a wrestling ring. He added, "I've been doing this my entire life. No one in the ring has ever compared to what I witnessed tonight when I had the best seat in the house and got to see AJ Styles up close."


Heyman admitted he was excited when the match was made and that as a fan he salivated at the possibilities. And, even though his client won in the end, Styles earned his own victories. Comparing Styles to Rocky Balboa, Heyman said, "Yes, Rocky lost at the end of the movie but he won the respect of the woman he loved. AJ Styles continues to earn your respect every single night that he performs. Tonight, he didn't just perform, he fought. He took the fight to the Beast like very few ever have."

The fact that news of Styles hinting his WWE run may only be a couple years longer is truly hard news to take, but if his next few years are this good, we will have a lot of memorable matches we can look back on fondly. Styles isn't just the best according to Heyman, he's the best according to many in the WWE Universe and there are so many more dream matches he could have that it would be scary to try and envision what might get left on the table before he departs.


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Paul Heyman Has High Praise For AJ Styles After Survivor Series