Paul Heyman Single-Handedly Building WrestleMania's Main Event

Paul Heyman sure was given a tumultuous task heading into WrestleMania 31. Sell the Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns main event, a 'feud' where both men are very limited on the microphone, one in execution, and one man who just, well, doesn't show up very often. Lesnar barely ever says more than 10 words when he shows up and Reigns has yet to really grab the crowd's attention for an extended period of time.

Heyman is one of WWE's greatest assets because he's untouchable on a microphone right now. He has added to the allure, the mystique surrounding the beast Brock Lesnar. Heyman has done a phenomenal job trying to build the main event, but what's sad is, the match won't live up to what Heyman is selling. Maybe WrestleMania's main event should just be Heyman cutting a 30-minute promo. WWE clearly can't come up with anything better.

If Lesnar and WWE have a falling out over pay, they should just give Lesnar's salary to Heyman.

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