Pete Dunne Attacks Mark Andrews While Performing With His Band

WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne invaded the stage at Download Festival last weekend to attack Mark Andrews while the latter was performing with his band.

The Superstars of WWE NXT graced the UK's Download festival this past weekend, and this year they had the addition of their newly signed UK talent come along with them. Welsh star Mark Andrews was one of those talents and he also had the added bonus of the band he's part of, Junior, playing the festival as well. What he didn't count on was current United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne interrupting his band's set in order to attack him.

The pair were due to do battle over Dunne's championship during the Saturday evening NXT show, but it turns out the Bruiserweight couldn't wait until then to get his hands on his opponent. Dunne emerged from the side of the stage, interrupting Junior's performance, and struck Andrews before putting the boots to him while he was on the ground.

The unexpected side show for those who had come to see Junior didn't end there. As you'll see from the video below, tweeted out from WWE's account, once Andrews returned to his feet he got some revenge, flipping from the stage on to an unsuspecting Dunne. The Welshman then clambered back onto the stage, grabbed a microphone and exclaimed that he would be taking Dunne's UK Championship later that same day when they met in the NXT tent.

Andrews of course didn't take the championship from Dunne and the Bruiserweight remains the United Kingdom Champion. Dunne won the belt in May after defeating inaugural champion Tyler Bate. Although Dunne has only recently become the champ, he has really been the crown jewel of WWE's still infant UK division. The company have a weekly show in the works that will be based around their UK talent and you would have to imagine that Pete will be the man with the gold when that show gets under way.


Although it was always unlikely that Andrews was going to beat Dunne for the championship, it was still a fantastic bit of booking from the guys at NXT. To have Dunne attack Andrews in such a way not only added to the already great sense of realism that the current champion brings to the product, but it also added intrigue for those in attendance watching the band and created even more of a buzz around WWE's growing UK division.

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