British Superstar Makes His Debut On Raw In Manchester

United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne made his main roster début on Raw this week as WWE's flagship emanated from Manchester, England.

The cruiserweight division has certainly had its ups and downs over the last few months. While Neville and Austin Aries have left the division – and WWE altogether – current Cruiswerweight Champion Enzo Amore and Kalisto have been added to 205 Live's ranks. Despite the disturbance in the brand's ranks, it's hard to argue that business hasn't picked up a little in that time.

The machine never stops though and despite the above addition, rumors over the past few days have suggested that there are more names incoming on 205 Live. Top of that list was Hideo Itami from NXT who himself has had an up and down time ever since he signed for WWE before 205 Live ever existed. An even more surprising name has beaten him to the punch though.


This Monday Raw hit the United Kingdom and came to us (almost) live from Manchester, England. Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore was in just as braggadocios a mood across the pond as he is stateside, but his good mood was soon brought to an abrupt end. His Survivor Series opponent Kalisto followed him out, and then shortly after that Kurt Angle introduced the WWE Universe to United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne.

For those not familiar with Dunne, The Bruiserweight was the losing finalist in WWE's United Kingdom tournament eariler this year. Since then he has gone on to defeat the eventual winner Tyler Bate and become WWE UK Champion. His first outing on Raw was a successful one too. Amore tried his level best to defeat Dunne using typically dirty tactics, but thanks to Kalisto Smacktalker Skywalker was stopped in his tracks so that Dunne could connect with his finisher, The Bitter End. That proved enough to bring an end to the match.


What's next for Pete Dunne is a little unclear as of right now. The Bruiserweight's inclusion on Raw this week may very well just have been for the benefit of the British audience, or perhaps Dunne will now be a permanent fixture of the cruiserweight division. Here's hoping that Dunne is at the very least on 205 Live tomorrow night, and that hopefully this marks his official arrival on the main roster.

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British Superstar Makes His Debut On Raw In Manchester