Pete Gas Beat Undertaker And Kane In Dominoes And Lived To Tell About It

Pete Gas may have never beaten The Brothers Of Destruction in the ring, but playing dominoes against them was a very different story.

It's rather fitting that The Undertaker's gimmick for the past 30 years has been of a man who is super natural and immortal. We say that because the WWE Superstar legitimately seems to be able to go on forever. Despite making his WWE debut all the way back at Survivor Series in 1990 and fans claiming he has likely retired every single year, The Deadman is set to return once again at Raw's 25th anniversary.

One of many men who owes a large part of his success to The Undertaker is Kane, and The Big Red Machine is almost as mythical as his on-screen brother. The WWE Universe got their first taste of Kane in 1997 when he came looking for his brother during the first ever Hell In A Cell match. Over 20 years later and he is about to take on Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman for the Universal Title at Royal Rumble.


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Both The Undertaker and Kane have cast long shadows over WWE during both their careers and any man who has stepped into the ring with them should consider themselves lucky. One man who you may have forgotten once shared a locker room with The Brothers of Destruction is former Mean Street Posse member, Pete Gas. Gas recently appeared on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and told a story about a time he defeated Taker and Kane.

Don't worry, that defeat didn't come inside a wrestling ring. It was merely in a game of dominoes back stage but it was an entertaining tale nonetheless. Gas teamed up with The Godfather and beat the kayfabe brothers. The win didn't end up feeling too good though. Kane wasn't best pleased with the embarrassing loss as Gas would go on to explain.

“Every time Kane threw a domino in this one specific game I was scoring points off him. And Taker was fueling the fire on Kane … He was just getting on him, saying stuff like, ‘What are you doing letting a rich kid do this? … You’re letting this kid from Greenwich do this?’...Kane looks at me and he has the dominoes in his hands and he goes, ‘If you score on me again, I will chase you, and I’m going to beat your a--‘

“So he puts his domino down, and I’m holding my dominoes and I’m looking at them, and I look over at Papa… Taker knows. He knows. And I’m just delaying it, right? So I wound up and I slammed it, and I said ‘Domino, mother-effer!’ And I ran. Boom, I was gone.

"He chased me. We were upstairs, downstairs, running around the arena, and I’m laughing because I think he’s going to stop eventually. He wouldn’t stop! And he caught me! … He pounded me … It was fun, though."


Being beaten down by an annoyed Big Red Machine doesn't sound like fun to us but we're glad Pete Gas enjoyed it. Despite the former WWE Superstar's relatively short stay in the business he has a multitude of stories like this one to tell and is always an entertaining guest on podcasts. If you happen to catch him on one then it will definitely be worth your time to give it a listen.

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