Petition Surfaces to Have Donald Trump Removed From WWE Hall of Fame

via newsday.com

It seems everyone wants to take a stand against Donald Trump, including wrestling fans. A petition has surfaced on change.org to have Trump removed from the WWE Hall of Fame. Trump was inducted into the Hall's celebrity wing back in 2013 due to his involvement in a billionaire feud with Vince McMahon back at WrestleMania 23.

Trump's comments as a campaigner have been controversial to say the least and have been outright hateful and racist. The petition states Trump should be removed from the Hall of Fame due to "his derogatory comments about Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, Muslims and other minority groups."

If WWE could remove Hulk Hogan, the company's biggest icon, for some racist comments, shouldn't they do the same for a celebrity who said things far worse than Hogan?

You can sign or at least check out the petition here.

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