PHOTO: Physical Shields Originally Planned For The Shield's WWE Debut

Dug @WWENetwork @steveaustinBSR Podcast with Ambrose- he mentioned the infamous Shield Shields. Never saw TV- enjoy! pic.twitter.com/AmeYAhyTJ9

— The Archivist (@WWEArchivist) August 9, 2016

Dean Ambrose was a guest on Stone Cold's podcast last night on the WWE Network. During the interview, the subject of The Shield came up and Ambrose revealed that the group was originally set to debut with actual, physical shields.

Roman Reigns had previously revealed this back in an interview with Coaster Boy Josh's podcast prior to WrestleMania 30, saying Vince McMahon finally scrapped the idea. The argument was that it would make The Shield look like "wusses" for needing actual shields.

The WWE's 'The Archivist' Twitter account then tweeted the above photo earlier today.

Needless to say, we're all thankful The Shield never had to haul these things around.

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