PHOTO: SmackDown Superstar Loses Front Teeth

It has been said time and time again: "wrestling is fake." This redundant phrase is often echoed by those who seem perturbed by fans of the product. For they cannot comprehend how grown men and women can follow such a spectacle.

Of course, fans of the industry have developed thick skin. The stereotypes are bland and those who are not secluded in their parent's basements while hurling insults at their television sets understand how others cannot understand their mat-based euphoria.

And every once and a while, we are reminded that these entertainers are in fact placing their lives and their good looks on the line. Over the weekend, WWE Superstar Natalya would suffer the loss of two front teeth during a match.

Below you can see Natalya providing her best Mick Foley-esque smile:

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PHOTO: SmackDown Superstar Loses Front Teeth