15 Photos That Make Us Happy Carmella Is Now Single

Ladies and gentlemen, the secret is finally out – Carmella and Colin Cassady (better known as Big Cass, a currently injured member of the RAW roster) appear to have broken up after a two year relationship. While neither of the two parties have made a statement regarding the break up, all mentions of the relationship have been removed from Carmella’s social media, which is usually a sign that things have split apart. Both have removed photos of the couple together on their Instagram feeds and both have unfollowed each other on Twitter. It was a little surprising given that the couple had just announced that they had bought a house together a few months ago, but it just goes to show you how difficult relationships can get in a hurry.

While it is never a happy thing to see love end, we do get to experience something very important; the incredibly gorgeous and stunning Carmella is on the market. To celebrate this, I have taken the liberty of compiling 15 Photos That Will Make You Happy Carmella Is Now Single so that we can all bask in the glory of the Princess of Staten Island. Hopefully the newly single Carmella will grace us with more photos like this on Instagram and Total Divas, which I would be perfectly happy to experience!


15 Abs for Days

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It is no secret that Carmella is possibly one of the most fit female wrestlers on the roster, with her clearly gorgeous and athletic body always on display in the ring. She has never been shy about showing off her toned body, but seems to be especially proud of her toned abdominal muscles, which are certainly some of the best the business has ever seen. Even when she wears her one-piece wrestling attire, you can almost see the cuts of her muscles through the fabric. Carmella often jokes on her social media feed how difficult it is to avoid temptations like pizza and red wine, although she has said she enjoys her cheat days. She's definitely earned them, as she's clearly worked hard for what she has.

14 Lingerie Model

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Okay, now this may already be getting to be too much for me. Seeing a gorgeous woman like Carmella on WWE television in her ring attire is one thing, watching her on Total Divas in a bikini is another, but seeing her pose in nothing by very revealing lingerie here is an overload for me! From her flowing golden locks to her ruby red lips, to once again showcasing her rock hard abs and luscious curves, I don’t think I can take too many more pictures like this. While she has not been on WWE programming for very long, photoshoots like this prove that Carmella is one of the most gorgeous women that WWE had ever hired. Hang on to your hats everyone, the rest of these pictures are just as stunning!


13 First Ms. Money in the Bank

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Not only is Carmella one of the most gorgeous women on the WWE roster, but she has also etched her name in the history books as the first female holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase, allowing her a shot at the Women’s Championship at any time she chooses. The Money in the Bank briefcase has been a springboard for the career of multiple male World Champions in WWE history, including Edge, Rob Van Dam and The Miz, so it could be exactly what Carmella needs in order to push her in to the spotlight where she belongs. Carmella has not received a straight shot at the SmackDown Women’s Championship since being involved in the six-pack challenge match at WrestleMania 33 – perhaps this is her chance?

12 Fab-u-lous

Living my best life

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It is very easy to define Carmella’s character on television since she even spells it out for us during her entrance to the ring – “My name is Car-mella, and I am the Princess of Staten Island. And Tuesday nights are about to get fab-u-lous”. After reviewing her Instagram and the various former careers as a cheerleader, I have to agree that Carmella really is fabulous is any role that she portrays. She may be one of the most gorgeous women that WWE has on the roster, but has also proven to be one of the toughest in the ring (and in the gym, as you can see from her incredibly tight physique). She has earned the moniker of fabulous in my book!


11 Softer Side

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The Princess of Staten Island may be one of the toughest wrestlers on the Smackdown Live roster, but looking in to her past also shows that she has a softer side as well. Carmella has a deep love for professional wrestling, and you can sense that when you hear her talk about her career in interviews, such as this piece here – “So, to even be where I’m at right now in my career, it’s something that never, I don’t forget and don’t take for granted, because I never thought I could be a wrestler, ever. I didn’t think women could actually do it, never mind be in this women’s revolution, and make history myself with being the first-ever Miss Money in the Bank. So, I do feel so lucky and I don’t take anything for granted”. It is great to hear her be so passionate about her wrestling career, and we obviously wish her nothing but the best.

10 Fitness Model

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Like so many female wrestlers before her, including current Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, Carmella got her start in entertainment as a model for various magazines, appearing in various issues of Women’s Health and Oxygen as a model showcasing her incredibly cut and trim physique. Carmella has always been involved in athletics and sports, and this was a great way for her to get her foot in the door of entertainment – just like so many others before her, it ultimately led her to a career in professional wrestling, which is perfectly fine by me. In addition to having her on our screen each week, we also get to see her wonderful figure, which is also perfectly fine by me!



Goodnight 💋😴

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For those wrestling fans that were only introduced to Carmella when she debuted on Smackdown Live in July 2016 would have missed much more of her career while she was in NXT. Originally, Carmella was not utilized as a full-time wrestler, but was a manager for the tag team of Enzo Amore and (her ex-boyfriend) Colin Cassady, now known as Big Cass. Carmella would accompany them both to the ring for their matches, and when she eventually started wrestling as well, they would return the favor. The three of them were paired together for close to two years until they were all ultimately moved on to different main rosters, with their partnership not acknowledged on WWE television. Personally, I think Carmella has flourished on her own and I'm pleased that she's showcased more as a wrestler and character than a valet.

8 Smile for the Camera

See you soon Chi-town 🍬

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I think it is time to acknowledge a little known fact about Carmella – she very well may have the prettiest smile out of all of the current female roster! While the online wrestling community generally recognizes female wrestlers for other “assets” they showcase (and I certainly will acknowledge that Carmella has those to recognize as well!), her smile is absolutely stunning. Certainly the type that can light up a room (or an arena) very quickly, but unfortunately due to her status as a villain on WWE programming, we do not get to see it on television very often. Thankfully, her personal Instagram account is chalk-full of beautiful pictures featuring that million-dollar smile.


7 Football Cheerleader

Who's ready for some football?! #carvsne 🏈🏈🏈

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As I mentioned before, Carmella got her start in entertainment by being featured as a fitness model like other female wrestlers before her, but there is another aspect of her career before WWE that is more unique to her. Carmella was part of the New England Patriots cheerleading squad for three years after graduating college from 2007 to 2010, and began in NXT without any prior wrestling experience. In speaking about her time transitioning from cheerleading to NXT, Carmella said:

““[The thing I’ve learned about myself is] probably just the fact that anything I can put my mind to, I can do. I really wasn’t sure when I started. I’m very confident in my ability to learn, but every time I’m in the ring, I can’t believe the things I can do and that I’ve learned,” Leah said. “It’s been really crazy. I see a move and it looks so hard and then I can do it. The coolest thing I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter how long it takes me, I’ll do it over and over until I get it.”

Kudos to her for putting her mind to succeeding as a wrestler, as it has been a treat so far to see her compete.

6 Hanging Around

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One of my favorite things about Carmella is the fashion-sense that she shows off with her character; while it may not be the most eye-appealing attire due to the vast amount of leopard-print, it certainly fits her character perfectly and shows off her gorgeous figure at every curve. Whether it is her current ring attire of a one-piece bathing suit style, or her “vintage” look of small shorts, tube top and high-knee socks with running shoes, it encapsulates her character of a spoiled “princess” who is showing off her loud-mouth personality through her clothing style. When Carmella spoke about how she first came up with her gimmick, she originally had the image of a mob wife in mind, but gradually altered it to what she has now.


5 Finally, On The Beach

I ❤ Puerto Rico

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One of the greatest moments in 2017 for me was when it was announced that Carmella was going to be a full-time cast member on Season 7 of Total Divas. While the show will not be winning any Emmys any time soon, it does allow us a very intimate look at the lives of some of wrestling’s most gorgeous and interesting women (never watched it before? Well check out my article here to become more acquainted with some of the more steamy moments on the show). Carmella’s time on the show has focused on her relationship with Big Cass, which given the news of them splitting up recently will be altered in her future appearances on the show, but also featured her in very revealing beach attire, which thankfully was also captured in this beach photoshoot.

Remember when WWE would feature their female roster in bikini photoshoots every year? While I do love the focus on the female wrestling product, part of me sure does miss those photoshoots!

4 Super Model

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I do not know where this picture was taken, but I only have one question about it – can we please find more from this photoshoot? Seriously, Carmella looks incredibly gorgeous in this revealing shoot that perfectly shows off her curves and gorgeous facial features that I need to find more like it. Clearly this photoshoot just features her in Calvin Klein underwear, so it is a must-have that we find more just like it, particularly with her standing up and showcasing the rest of her physique. Getting to see her on television is a great treat, but the ultimate treat would be to find other photos just like this. Wowza! She looks super comfortable and confident in herself with this shoot and it's easy to see why.


3 Best Friends

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It's no secret that there can be animosity amongst the roster members in WWE – each of the wrestlers are trying to be in the top spot of the company, and they will do anything to obtain stardom ahead of the others. Given the highly competitive environment that they compete in, it is great to see that Carmella is so well-liked by other members of the female roster, and especially by the veteran Natalya. Their friendship is showcased here while the two friends vacation together off the coast on a boat, taking some time to pose for the camera in very revealing bikinis. Does anyone know where this boat is, because I wouldn’t mind snorkeling around in the water until I find it!

2 Beach Bum

Classy sassy and a little bad assy 💁🏼

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That’s it, I can’t take it anymore! The photos of Carmella as a cheerleader were one thing, the lingerie photos were almost too much for me the bear, but now you’re telling me that her Instagram has photos of her getting ready for a day on the beach? This is too much for me! Carmella is definitely in her element. She obviously tans very well and with the amount of days that WWE Superstars travel throughout the year, the day on the beach was well deserved. If the rumors are true and Carmella is in fact single, we hope she takes plenty of time to reflect on the beach and finds happiness. We also can't wait for that Money in the Bank cash in!


1 Laker Girl

It's #mambaday! Thank you @kobebryant 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Not only is Carmella a former New England Patriots cheerleader, but she also spent a year with the Los Angeles Lakers as a member of their dance team in 2010 prior to trying out at the NXT Performance Center. Carmella surely has been in many aspects of entertainment, and speaks very highly of her time as a dancer in the NBA, stating that she enjoyed being a part of the basketball experience for such a large franchise in the sport. If any readers are fans of basketball and have witnessed the NBA cheerleaders in action before, you know that only the best dancers make it on to the team, which shows that Carmella has some true athletic chops, which certainly have helped her in the ring through her career as she is one of the more athletic females that have been brought up from NXT over the years.


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