15 Photos Of Maryse That Will Make The Miz Want Another Baby

The Miz and Maryse recently announced that they were expecting their first child together after marrying back in 2014. The couple's daughter is due to arrive just days before this year's WrestleMania. Maryse has managed to maintain her natural beauty throughout her pregnancy, which is not surprising considering she is among the most beautiful women in the world..

Maryse is a former Diva Search contestant and someone who was signed to WWE based on her physical appearance alone, which shows just how beautiful the former Divas Champion really is. She was then able to adapt to the physicality needed to become a female wrestler as part the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. She has grown into a fan favourite for her great ability on the microphone and in the ring, and is generally well liked.

Maryse was once the longest reigning Divas Champion but opted to leave the company back in 2011 where she proved that she had some business sense and was able to start her own clothing and jewelry line. Despite this, Maryse still returned to WWE back in 2016 to help her husband to become Intercontinental Champion and then became his full-time valet. The couple have been extremely successful since then and haven't looked back.

The WWE Universe is definitely happy that Maryse is back in WWE TV permanently and the following are 15 images of the former Champion that prove why she has been so popular with the WWE Universe over the past decade.

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15 Backstage Beauty

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Not only did Maryse return to WWE TV back in 2016, but she also returned to the Women's Division and has been part of a number of segments on Total Divas alongside the women of WWE. Maryse has been part of the Women's Division before and she knows exactly how to handle herself, but she has been thrust in amongst a number of new women who have joined the company in recent years.

Maryse and Nia Jax have already established the fact that they don't like each other, but other than that Maryse has been able to fit in well with the new women and her part on Total Divas is one of the biggest reasons why Miz and his wife have been given their own TV series.

14 The Journey Of Motherhood

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One of the most beautiful parts of pregnancy is the fact that women are able to mark the occasion by being part of a number of photo shoots that documents the changes that women go through en route to becoming mothers.

Maryse has embraced all the changes she has gone through over the past few months and has been able to share these with her fanbase, no matter how revealing some of them might be. Pregnancy definitely agrees with Maryse since she is positively glowing in many of the images that she has updated recently and she now has just three weeks to go until she reaches full term and she is able to welcome her daughter to the world. When Maryse looks like this, who can blame Miz for thinking about a second child?

13 Lifeguard

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Maryse was signed to WWE after she auditioned for the annual Diva Search back in 2006, which is the same Diva Search that Nikki and Brie Bella were once part of. She made enough of an impact despite not speaking a lot of English that the company signed her to a developmental contract after she was eliminated from the competition.

Maryse then became a star on SmackDown as she would be seen welcoming the audience back to the show for a number of weeks before she was taken seriously and able to then insert herself into the Women's Division. It was Maryse's looks that allowed her to get her foot in the door, to begin with, and photo shoots like the one above just exist to remind the WWE Universe why.

12 Pregnancy Glow

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Maryse is absolutely stunning without the added glow that pregnancy has given the former Champion over the past few months. Even though she isn't on WWE TV right now because she's on maternity leave but she has still been busy filming her new TV show called Miz&Mrs.

Maryse has continued to update her fanbase over the past few months via Instagram since she is no longer seen alongside her husband and even though she has cut her hair short and gone for a change of image, she is still as stunning as ever. Pregnancy definitely agrees with Maryse and looking this great could be a huge reason why Maryse may decide to have another child after her daughter is born next month.

11 Gridiron Gang

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One of the most famous photo shoots that Maryse has ever taken part of sees the former Champion holding a football and cheering on the Atlanta Falcons. Maryse was able to show off her incredible looks and style.

She was obviously a lot younger back then since this was part of her first stint in WWE, but there is a reason why she easily became so popular and why she was able to become Divas Champion so quickly. Maryse was what WWE calls a double threat since she could wrestle and she looked incredible, it was only the fact that she didn't speak a lot of English when she first joined the company, but let's be honest, was anyone actually listening to what she was saying when she was on screen?

10 Cinderella

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The Miz and Maryse have been married now for almost four years and the couple has bonded over the fact that they love to dress up together, which makes sense since they have both been playing characters on WWE TV over the past few years. Maryse decided to dress up as Cinderella back in November when she and The Miz threw a gender reveal party and revealed to their families that they were expecting a girl.

Maryse shared the image on Instagram which shows her make-up is completely on point as she could easily give the Disney Princess a run for her money. It is hoped that Miz decided to dress up and he her Prince Charming and showed a united front with his stunning wife as they celebrated the fact that they are expecting a baby girl.

9 Head Turner

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Maryse may be 35-years-old, but she still looks just as stunning as she was a decade ago. The former Divas Champion is still able to dress like a woman in her 20s as she shows off her amazing figure in this beautiful black dress at a red carpet event.

Maryse used to live in Los Angeles where the weather is hot enough for her to be able to wear clothes like this all the time. Many women would give anything to look as great as Maryse does in this dress so she is making sure that she doesn't take her incredible figure for granted. This was posted merely weeks before Maryse found out that she was pregnant and she has still managed to look absolutely incredible throughout her first pregnancy.

8 Blushing Bride

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A woman's wedding day is supposed to be the greatest day of her life and Maryse ensured that her wedding was a day that she will always remember. The above shows that Maryse looked incredible in front of the cameras on her wedding day back in 2014 and has continued to share some of the cutest images on Instagram over the past few years.

Maryse and Miz are one of the most interesting and perfectly fitted couples in WWE, which could be why they have been able to secure their own TV series off the back of their run on Total Divas. The world are interested in exactly what is going on between Miz and Maryse and they have finally been given their own spotlight.

7 Mother To Be

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Maryse announced that she and her husband The Miz were expecting their first child on Monday Night Raw last year before going on maternity leave. She has since been part of Total Divas, which was recorded before she made the announcement but she was able to put together the story behind her announcement.

Maryse announced a few weeks ago that her daughter was due just two days before this year's WrestleMania, which is why The Miz was once believed to be missing the biggest event of the year in order to be by his wife's side to witness the birth of their first child. Maryse has embraced motherhood so far and she had enjoyed sharing some incredible images of the journey on her Instagram page in recent months.

6 Captivating Attire

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There weren't many members of the WWE Universe who were disappointed when Maryse appeared on Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania back in 2016 and her choice of attire over the past two years could be the reason why.

The women of WWE know that originality is the key to always standing out in the wrestling world and Maryse has definitely found an original outfit with this one that allows her to show off the incredible legs that have been the reason she has gained so much exposure over the past decade. The Miz has been unstoppable alongside his wife ever since that day and it's easy to see why having a woman this beautiful in your corner can give you confidence and Miz oozes confidence right now.

5 Raw Beauty

Bonne Nuit Tokyo

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Maryse has been appearing on WWE TV over the past year alongside The Miz, but even though Maryse is a former Divas Champion she has only been able to step in the ring herself once since she made her return in 2016.

Incredibly, Maryse told Vince McMahon that she would only return to WWE if she was offered a main event at WrestleMania or $1 million when she quit back in 2011. She got quite close to one of these requests when she was able to team with her husband at WrestleMania 33 and even though the duo lost the match to Nikki Bella and John Cena, they were able to make history by becoming the first ever married couple to team up on the Grandest Stage Of Them All.

4 Knockout

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The Divas of WWE have developed quite a reputation over the past few decades for being some of the most beautiful women in the world. While there are many women who have slotted into this category over the years, Maryse can easily be considered one of the most stunning women to have ever graced a WWE ring.

The former Divas Champion often shares a number of selfies on her Instagram page because she is well aware that she is beautiful and that make-up only further enhances that fact that she is already incredibly good looking. Most women could easily have become snobs when they realize that they are the best-looking person in the room, but Maryse isn't that kind of person, which only adds to her charm.

3 Beautiful In Blue

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Even when Maryse isn't considered to be a full-time performer on WWE TV, she is still a woman who takes the time to pose for a stunning photograph. In this one, the former Diva Search contestant decided that she needed to remind the WWE Universe that she was one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Maryse hasn't been able to pose for these kinds of images over the past few months, but she has still been able to show off the incredible changes in her figure throughout pregnancy and further promote just how beautiful the journey into motherhood can be. Maryse is beautiful in more ways than one.

2 These Legs Are Made For Walking

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Maryse has a number of attractive qualities, one of them being the fact that she is a huge supporter of animal rights, so much so that she is vegan and on a recent episode of Total Divas she attempted to force her husband to go down the same path as well.

Another quality is Maryse's incredible legs, the 35-year-old is well aware that her legs are one of her best assets because her attire when she works as Miz's valet is specially designed so that Maryse is able to show off her legs. It is unknown if the former Divas Champion has been forced to go against her vegan attitude throughout her pregnancy, but what is known is the fact that her legs are still one of her best qualities.

1 Dressed To Impress

😎 what a successful night!!!! #itcouple #raw 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

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Being one half of "The It Couple" and a couple that now has their own TV series, Maryse needs to often dress up and attend events alongside her husband. As well as The Miz, Maryse is also a movie star and has appeared along with her husband in WWE's Marine franchise, but only in a minor role.

Even though the WWE Universe are used to seeing Maryse dressed up in the ring, when she's attending events and is forced to dress much more professionally, she looks absolutely stunning. This is why The Miz sees Maryse as his favourite leading lady because she really can adapt to any situation and always look like a million dollars. The above shows just how incredible Maryse looks when she's dressed up.

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