15 Photos Of Noelle Foley That Mankind Wouldn't Appreciate

Noelle Foley makes you wonder just how genetics work, and how on earth the hardcore legend Mick Foley ever had a daughter that looks this amazing. It’s kind of no surprise why the WWE had them in a realty television show called ‘Holy Foley’ and it definitely wasn’t because the WWE Universe was asking to see good old Mick Foley on their TV and behind the scenes. Rather it was his voluptuous daughter Noelle who turned into the star of the show despite having little to no in-ring work (or connection to the WWE for that matter) other than being Mick’s daughter and being beautiful.

While Noelle’s tryout for the WWE didn’t go as great as she would have hoped, it definitely hasn’t hurt her stock as the second most notable Foley in the family. She didn’t have the technique in the ring and couldn’t cut a decent promo, but put her in front of a camera and all eyes are on her, as the blonde haired beauty has over 826,000 followers on Instagram taking a peek at Mick Foley’s baby girl.

And while Mick was known for reaching in his pants and pulling out Mr. Socko to jam down the mouth of his opponent as part of his mandible claw finisher, you’ll be needing Mr. Socko for any entirely different reason all together, but it is much less painful than the mandible claw. Check out these photos of Noelle and continue to wonder how Mick Foley was able to produce such a incredibly beauty daughter, despite being forgotten when the gods were handing out good looks.

15 All Black Everything

Noelle Foley can pull off any outfit, but perhaps none better than the black dress. This one in particular seems tough to put on, but the result is well worth it.

The dress literally hugs Noelle and leaves very little to the imagination.

It’s an interesting look if Noelle were to ever get into wrestling, playing the mystic mysterious manager with a soft-spoken voice that leads her team to the ring. Her promo work wasn’t great, so keep her talking to a minimum, but we’re sure there wouldn’t be much talking if Noelle showed up to RAW in this outfit. It wouldn’t take much to provide a little distraction for her team if she was standing at ring side.

14 Happy New Year

Many people start off the new year by making a new year's resolution. If you don't already follow Noelle Foley on Instagram, that should be your number one priority going into this year. She is always posting beautiful selfies that show off her incredible style and stunning good looks. It is no surprise that she garnered over 800 thousand followers just on Instagram alone.

She is easily one of the most recognized wrestling daughters on earth.

In this photo she is about to head to a new year's eve party. She is literally sparkling from head to toe, and was surely the best dressed at the event. Noelle was probably trying to emulate the famous light show in Times Square in New York City. She may have actually managed to top it!

13 All The Right Buttons

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Another selfie from Noelle in the hallway of her family home, and we have to call out another cliché here, as another attractive female is posing in the mirror with a messy room behind here. And this mirror isn’t in the bathroom, so we know she has a wall mirror somewhere she could take photos with. Noelle shows off her tiny waist in this revealing top. The buttons seem to be holding on well, as Noelle displays her full figure for her Instagram followers. Seeing as how some old pairs of running shoes are on the floor, Mick is probably not far away, and we’re not sure how much he would love to see his daughter walking out of the house looking like this for a date.

12 Let Me Take A Selfie

Throwback to this pic because I lost these jeans and I miss them 💔

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If ever there was a cliché in the world of Instagram photos, Noelle is hitting the mark here, showing off her curves with a mirror selfie in the bathroom. Why do girls always decide to do it in the bathroom? Don’t they have body length mirrors in their bedroom? It must be lighting. Anyways, Noelle takes a quick picture in another beautiful outfit, only this one has some cool white torn jeans for that rebel look. Nevertheless, the classic mirror selfie reminds us that Noelle is still young in her early 20s, and isn’t afraid to show off what she’s got before she heads out for the day. And in a totally unrelated note, she almost blends in with the door behind her.

11 Bella Triplets

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We already knew that Nikki Bella has a twin sister Brie. But Noelle, in one of her Halloween costumes, channels the Fearless Bella Twin Nikk complete with backwards hat, short shorts, red shoes and black hair.

It’s a change from her regular blonde colouring, but Noelle pulls off the look and could make you think there is a third Bella twin out there somewhere.

If ever she were to get into the WWE, at least she could ask Nikki for a swap out like she did with her sister before to help win matches. So if you asked yourself what is better than just Noelle, the answer is Noelle and Nikki Bella together as one. Although her wrestling skills leave plenty to be desired, so maybe the reality stars could team up on Total Bellas instead.

10 Lifeguard On Duty


Cape Cod probably has an epidemic of people who need saving from the water, especially if Noelle Foley is patrolling the coast in this lifeguard top on a sunny day at the beach. Not sure if she provides mouth-to-mouth, but Noelle is definitely a lifeguard on duty you wouldn’t be able to keep your eyes off of. Perhaps her dad Mick could give a call to his old buddy The Rock and get her cast in the new Baywatch franchise, as she already looks the part. It would give a new meaning to the Rock and Sock connection, that’s for sure, and would get some more views to the movie theatre. Remember, we hear Cape Cod is a wonderful summer destination this year for vacation.

9 Blue Jean Genie

Nothing is more classic than the look of blue jeans. And there is arguably no one better suited to showing off how to properly wear jeans than Noelle Foley. She definitely did not inherit her father's big frame, instead becoming a tall and slender woman with a penchant for fashion and a sharp sense of humour.

In the caption she states there is a photo of her relatives on the left of the image. Before you go looking for a picture of Mick Foley, it seems she was simply making a joke as there is only a painting of some elephants. Maybe she is taking a shot at her father in a subtle way. That's doubtful though, as Noelle and her father actually have a very close relationship.

8 Flower Power

They say that bees are drawn to honey, but they are actually drawn to flowers full of pollen. Well, the same applies for most men. Except in their case, their drawn to a floral pattern dress that's full of Noelle Foley. Actually as her caption states, it's a romper, not a dress. This explains the noticeable indent in the centre.

Noelle is very popular on Instagram for photos like this one.

She is often seen showing off different looks and modelling different pieces of clothing or outfits to her millions of followers. It is funny to think that Noelle Foley may actually be even more popular than her dad, who was a legend in the world of wrestling.

7 In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

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Who wore it better: Carrie Fisher or Noelle Foley? Noelle is notorious for her Halloween costumes, and here she channels one of the steamiest moments from Star Wars in her Princess Leia inspired look. You have to give it to her, she has attention to detail. The choker, the hair, the bracelet, you know, all the things you probably didn’t notice in a well thought out and put together costume. The look by Fisher in Return of the Jedi was beautiful as it was, but somehow Noelle managed to take it up a notch and make a Leia costume work even better than they already have. If this girl is in a galaxy far away, then get us into hyper-drive to get to her.

6 Lay Back And Relax

There isn’t a guy alive who wouldn’t want to spend a fun weekend in Las Vegas, especially if Noelle Foley was to cozy up beside him in this bath robe in a suite. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life and you don’t need to make it complicated or busy, and while a fun weekend is just that, so too is a nice smile. Though if this was at Mick’s house, chances are the hardcore legend would be in the somewhere in the background, making sure no one gets too close to his daughter, especially if she came out of the house looking like this. Though the socks kind of take away from the whole fancy suite look, they are right in line with Noelle's sense of humour and show she doesn't take anything too seriously.

5 Romantic Evening

What man wouldn’t want to see Noelle walk up to them wearing this black dress? Her blonde hair pops in this gorgeous photo of Noelle, who is simply glorious in this photo. Noelle shows that confidence is key, but she also doesn’t conform to the stick figure magazine cover looks that are constantly put out. She could be a great role model, as she looks amazing and works out to maintain her physique, but doesn’t go overboard with the dieting and weight loss.

We think she looks perfect here, and her body language simply tells us she knows she looks good in what she is wearing.

You would be lighting candles and throwing down rose petals for Noelle if she walked into a room like this.

4 Workout Gear

If she just woke up from a pre-work out nap looking like that, then she is an even more gifted girl than we thought. And who doesn’t love a girl in tight fitting work out clothing including athletic gym pants that show off all the curves. Noelle wouldn’t need that Fitbit to keep track of her steps or her miles walked, as we’re pretty sure she could just ask the guys in the gym how far she has gone, since they wouldn’t be able to stop looking at her. Remember guys, don’t be that guy at the gym. Even if a girl comes in looking like Noelle, she’s there to work out, not be the fixation of your eyes for the next hour. You want to look at Noelle in yoga pants, follow her on Instagram where she wants you to see her photos.

3 Calvin Klein

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“Nothing comes between me and my Calvins” was Calvin Klein’s brand slogan back in the late 80s when Brooke Shields was their youngest model. After looking at this photo of Noelle, we’re definitely sold and would like to say thank you to Mr. Klein. If they ever needed a brand model for the future, Noelle is definitely the right fit for them in every shape and form. We’re sure Mick isn’t too pleased about pictures of his daughter in her Calvins being online, but Noelle is a confident woman and this photo shows a slightly innocent side of her. Besides, who wouldn’t want to wake up to her in the morning wearing any kind of Calvin Klein? Because we sure won’t come between her and them.

2 Look Into My Eyes

We selected this photo because of her eyes. Framed perfectly with her hair, her eyes are what draw you in, way more than some tight-fitting outfit ever could. Her soft skin complexion, mixed with a dark black outlined eye make it seem as if Noelle is looking deep into your soul in this photo. In the caption, she says that people call her Noelf because her ear sticks out of her hair. This is interesting because Mick Foley (Mankind) actually has a strange obsession with Christmas time, and actually had a room in his house dedicated to the holiday. Either way, Noelle would make a pretty great Christmas gift. Actually, she'd make a great gift for any occasion!

1 Keeping It Professional

Noelle takes a lot of selfies, but every once in awhile she steps onto the red carpet and is transformed by the lens of a skilled photographer. This little black dress outfit is the least revealing we have shown, but sometimes the old saying is true – less is more. Noelle’s curves are still on display, and she would be a beautiful sight if you were just happening to walk by this event and see the daughter of Mick Foley during this photo shoot. One Instagram comment said her dad would be freaking out over this picture, but one thing Dad Foley can be thankful for is that he has raised a confident daughter who isn’t afraid to be herself. She might not be a WWE superstar, which might be a good thing, as you wouldn’t want to see Noelle taking hardcore bumps in the ring like her dad.

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