15 Photos Of Paige That Will Have Alberto Del Rio Crawling Back

Alberto Del Rio and Paige recently split, but the photos of the WWE women's competitor will have him crawling back

Paige is one of the most unique Superstars in WWE. In a world that has been dominated by blonde bombshells with little wrestling ability and a lot of appeal, Paige came along a few years ago and showed that you can indeed be gorgeous and what WWE is looking for without fitting their pre-conceived mold. Even Paige didn't realize that was possible at first. The first time the British wrestler auditioned for WWE she dolled herself up as to look like what she thought the pro wrestling juggernaut was looking for. They didn't pick her up and a year later when she was herself they offered her a contract.

Although Paige has enjoyed a lot of success in her time with WWE the last 18 months have been something of a rough ride. For the longest period during that tough time Alberto Del Rio was Paige's partner in crime, and it seems as if the relationship wasn't the best for either party. Del Rio took shots at WWE even though his fiance was still with the company and it looked as if he may have all but ruined Paige's chances of returning to the company. Now that Paige is back with WWE the pair have split and the reinstated Superstar has spoken openly about their break up. Although it sounded amicable here are 15 photos that will make Del Rio wish he had maybe dug his heels in a little bit.

15 Back In Black


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Back in front of the cameras, Paige is not leaving a lot to the imagination with this one. Aside from being a terrific in ring performer one of the reasons Paige is so popular in WWE because of her unique look. She doesn't have blonde hair and fit the exact parameters that the WWE Divas of old had to in order to get signed. Instead she has what could be described as a gothic look. She is still as gorgeous as anyone else on the roster right now. Not long after Paige debuted at the age of 13 she began wrestling all over the world. Before turning 16 she was flying out to countries such as Turkey and Norway in order to follow in her family's footsteps.

14 Chilling In Her Room

"I am a legend in the making" see you soon Uniondale!

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For longer than we care to remember the majority of pro wrestlers have been obsessed with their image, their look, and their body. It's only natural considering they effectively wrestle in their underwear in front of thousands of people for a living. To this day many of those competitors tan as much as they work out to get that bronzed look. As you can see in the photo above you don't need to be tanned to look good. Paige is showing off her paler skin while sitting on what are presumably her hotel room. She looks just as good if not better than her rivals who spend half their lives in a sun bed. To be fair to her there isn't much sun back in her homeland of Great Britain.

13 Looking Good From The Side

Providence you ready for #RAW or nah?! @wwe #Absolution

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Paige's flawless skin is not where her beauty begins and ends. As you can see from the photo included in this entry her assets extend to a certain something that you can see once the female Superstar turns around. In this photo she is quite covered up but we still get a good idea of how many squats she puts in at the gym. Most years when WWE is touring Europe they will hold try outs in the UK. In 2010 at the age of just 17 Paige turned up for one of those tryouts but was unfortunately unsuccessful. Undeterred she returned again a year later and this time WWE liked what they saw. She was herself as opposed to being what she thought WWE wanted when she tried out before and her uniqueness is what tipped the scale.

12 Like What You See?

Do you like what you see in the photo above? Chances are if you've made it this far into this article then you probably are. Another man who will undoubtedly like what he sees is Alberto Del Rio. Unfortunately for El Patron it is something (or rather someone) that he can no longer have. The PCB angle along with the other two trios really began to further women's wrestling in WWE. It reached a point though where fans wanted to see women in singles angles rather than all fighting each other in the same segment. Once again Paige was at the forefront of this as she turned on Flair and Lynch and began turmoil within her own ranks. The subject of this list unquestionably helped raise the stock of Charlotte and Becky who are now both mainstays on SmackDown Live.

11 Her Fun Loving Side

Harley Quinn fun yesterday with good people! 😊🤘🏻

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Paige may be an incredibly attractive woman, but that won't have been the only thing that attracted Alberto Del Rio to her and also won't be the only thing that likely has him pining after her now that they've broken up. Clearly the two time Divas' Champions loves to have a good time too as is evident from the photo above at Halloween. Hopefully there are more times like this ahead for Paige after the year and a half that she has endured recently. Hopefully there will also be more times like her first night on the main roster. While still NXT Women's Champion Paige debuted on Raw and defeated AJ Lee for the Divas' Championship. It was one hell of a debut for the young lady.

10 A Light Amid The Chaos

A return to this outfit now, one that is certainly a hit with the WWE Universe and likely Alberto Del Rio if he sees Paige wearing it. It appears as if the Absolution leader is in the makeup department for this one. The team at WWE probably didn't have to do too much to get Paige looking her very best. She is already a stunner and shows her fans on Instagram her beauty as often as possible. The aforementioned rivalry with AJ Lee wound up with the two of them battling for the belt at SummerSlam 2014. Paige won the match and the title and at the time of typing this it was her last championship win.

9 Two Bites Of The Cherry


We're not entirely sure what kind of photo shoot Paige was involved in for the above picture, but we are certainly not complaining. The short black dress and knee high black socks are the perfect outfit for the Norwich native even if it is on a confusing cherry back drop. Moving on with Paige's career though, and a year on from her Raw debut she performed at WrestleMania for the very first time. Paige teamed up with AJ Lee to take on the Bella Twins, a match which the odd couple won and would wind up being AJ's second to last bout ever as she retired later that week. Lee's retirement thus brought an end to the year long frenemy angle between herself and Paige.

8 Photo Shoot Ready


Paige has had a pretty incredible career to date. A long one too considering the British Superstar is still only 25 years of age. In fact Paige can actually boast that she began her wrestling career before she was even born. She is part of a family back in her home country of the United Kingdom that has pro wrestling running through its veins. Her father owns a promotion and her mother also wrestles. Why Paige can claim she wrestled before she was even born is because her mom didn't realize she was pregnant with her at the time and continued to wrestle. Thankfully it didn't affect the future WWE Superstar. Perhaps it just helped toughen her up for later life. Plus as you can see from the photo above it didn't hinder her looks either as Paige is looking incredible for a WWE photo shoot.

7 Shoot To Thrill


As you can see from this next photo, Paige doesn't need to be dolled up for a photo shoot in order to create an image that will have Alberto Del Rio longing after her once again. Here the former Divas' Champion is merely back stage sporting her ring gear and an AC DC t shirt and she looks pretty irresistible. Back to the Superstar's history though and it didn't take long for her to actually start competing following taking bumps in the womb. Despite being scared of wrestling as a child because of the injuries suffered by her family, she actually made her debut at the age of just 13 for her father's promotion. That makes Paige a 12 year ring veteran already.

6 Stretching Is Important


Stretching is incredibly important when it comes to preparing for a big match. It is something Paige clearly takes seriously as she is demonstrating above and likely something she does even more so now following on from her neck injury, something we will discuss in more detail a little later in this list. Back to Paige's beginnings in WWE for the time being though and like almost everyone who signs for the company nowadays she had to work her way up through NXT to begin with. In fact during the summer of 2013 Paige won a tournament to crown the first ever NXT Women's Champion. Tamina and Alicia Fox fell victim to the Brit on her way to the title, and she eventually defeated Emma in the final in what became an instant classic.

5 Time To Go Through To The Next Room


The details on how exactly Paige and Del Rio met may be a little fuzzy, but it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility that their first romantic encounter started out looking a little like this photo. Paige is of course about to go through the curtain and to the ring, but the seductive look on her face is probably the same one she would use to leave her ex-fiance weak at the knees. This photo may have been taken shortly before Paige wound up losing the Divas' Title first time around. After holding the belt for around two months she lost it back to its previous holder, AJ Lee. Oddly it led to the two of them having a sort of friend/enemy relationship, probably Paige's greatest rivalry in WWE to date.

4 Oh Is The Camera Rolling?


When you watch most of the women in WWE on Raw and Total Divas they seem unattainable. Almost like they couldn't possibly exist in normal walks of life. Paige doesn't often give off that aura, and even though it may not sound like it we truly mean that as a compliment. Paige seems to be able to turn on her appeal at will, yet also be extremely approachable when called upon. As you can see here she has very much got that appeal turned on for the sake of a photo shoot, and it is turned up high. A few months after AJ Lee left WWE Paige made herself some new friends. The women's revolution was given a name and Paige headed up one of the three teams that furthered it. Team PCB which was made up of herself, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch.

3 Del Rio Definitely Won't Like This One


It's no secret that the last 18 months of Paige's career have been pretty turbulent. The two time Divas' Champion was AWOL from WWE following two suspensions and the need for neck surgery and while she was away Paige walked a troubled path. Private photos and videos of her were leaked and her relationship with Alberto Del Rio was a pretty destructive one. The Mexican wrestler, on more than one occasion, posted drunken videos slating WWE and even accused Triple H of leaking the tapes and photos of Paige in an attempt to wreck her career. That's why the photo above will likely bother Del Rio more than any other in this list. Thankfully Triple H and WWE didn't take the accusations to heart and brought Paige back in once she was healed and the dust had settled.

2 Filter Flair

Paige may seem like she always wears black or purple to accentuate her gothic look, but believe it or not she sometimes adds a splash of colour. Above you can see the Norwich born WWE Superstar using a flower filter, sporting an allurin gaze, and having fun while doing it. Something else Paige is having fun doing right now is leading her new faction, Absolution. Towards the tail end of 2017 Raw's alternative female returned to WWE's flagship and she brought former NXT stars Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville along with her. The three of them are known as Absolution, and they have been making a statement on Monday nights ever since their arrival. It's almost as if the last year and a half of Paige's life never even happened.

1 National Pride


The one other thing that Paige has over most of the women she shares a locker room with is her nationality. It's no secret that most around the world find the British accent pretty captivating and intriguing. Couple that with her insanely good looks and an innate ability to perform in the ring and you have yourselves the perfect package for a modern day female WWE Superstar. That's exactly why her recent comeback has been so seamless. Paige may have hit something of a speed bump recently though. At a live event the Absolution leader took a nasty looking kick to the back from Sasha Banks. Thankfully it seems as if it was worse than it looks as there have currently been no reports of Paige being on the sidelines for an extended period of time.

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15 Photos Of Paige That Will Have Alberto Del Rio Crawling Back