15 Photos Of WWE's Newest Wrestler, Ronda Rousey

At the age of 30, Ronda Rousey is officially a member of the WWE family signing a huge deal with the company. Making matters that much better, Ronda signed a full-time contract with the WWE. We can see Vince now salivating at the prospect of future network deals with a name like Rousey’s attached to the company on a full-time basis. Well done Vince, well done sir.

Rumors are now starting to swirl pertaining to her debut; will she take part in a one-on-one match or will she tag with The Rock? We’ll get a clearer idea the closer WrestleMania looms. All we know for sure is that the WWE is going to get a load of media attention from Rousey’s in-ring debut.

Stephanie might be the happiest out of anyone else. She constantly throws around the term “strong and beautiful” - perhaps nobody embodies that more so than Ronda Rousey. However, she’s got a couple of things from her past that Stephanie might not want us to see. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything from steamy photoshoots, to embarrassing MMA defeats, to even her youthful days before the massive spotlight. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 Ronda Rousey photos Stephanie doesn’t want you to see. Let’s get started!


15 Candid Camera

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It was rather clear what the WWE was trying to sell with Ronda’s Royal Rumble debut, the company loves the moniker strong and beautiful – that’s exactly what we got with Ronda’s appearance as she was all smiles throughout her cameo. Without a doubt, we speculate she got motivated from Stephanie before her appearance: “Hey Ronda, enjoy every second and smile out there”, is what she likely told her.

Well, the paparazzi have the opposite formula when it comes to catching celebrities out and about. Residing in LA, Rousey certainly does not live outside of the spotlight, and for that reason, she’s been caught in some uncompromising positions time and time again. That includes the picture above - a photo she wishes she can have back and Stephanie would agree. She doesn’t look strong and beautiful: delete!

14 Throwing Punches With Carmen Electra

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The WWE is very careful with the names their affiliated with nowadays. You won’t see those with a controversial past or domain that’s for darn sure. The company is very careful when it comes to selecting who they bring in from the outside.

You won’t see adult stars on WWE TV that’s for sure, perhaps back in the Ruthless Aggression Era or of course, the Attitude Era - such a sight would be welcomed but not today. The WWE has concerns of their younger fans Googling the name of someone with a troubled or controversial domain, leading to them being a bad influence.

For that reason, it was said that Chyna was pretty much black-listed by the company. So with that in mind, photos of Ronda alongside Carmen Electra aren’t necessarily photos the WWE would be flaunting around, they’d rather suppress such photos from our eye balls.

13 Partying With The Four Horsewomen

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If they were playing a game of checkers, the WWE would approve and likely put it on a WrestleMania flyer... okay we took it too far. But seriously, the WWE and Stephanie in particular like to keep it clean and that’s not necessarily that way the Four Hoursewomen of the UFC handle business outside of their craft.

The online world has shown us numerous photos of the UFC’s Four Horsewomen hanging out and engaging in some “Not So PG” antics whether that would be drinking, taking shots off each other (as you’ll see later) or like you see in the photo above, taking some intoxicated photos alongside one another. Unlike the WWE’s Horsewomen, like Sasha and Bayley who engage in video game playing or watching wrestling, the UFC’s version of the group are quite different outside of the octagon.

12 Her First UFC Loss

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Some would say that this defeat destroyed Ronda’s credibility as a major badass. Heck, even The Coach, who’s currently working the commentary desk stated (during his ESPN days) that the WWE wouldn’t sign Rousey cause she’s “a loser”. Yes, the same guy that was complementing her during a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, oh Coach!

Winning 12 professional fights in a row and most of them with the utmost ease, Ronda was finally defeated and the loss was more brutal than anyone could have expected. At UFC 193, Holm defeated the former champion in the second round with one of the most brutal head kicks you’ll ever see. It ended Rousey’s three-year title run and some would argue she lost her mojo following the defeat. Of course, the WWE will make no mention of this.

11 Throwback Selfie

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It shows the WWE’s beautiful moniker, but not really strong, thus making it a photo Stephanie can do without. This is a picture taken from Ronda’s earlier days before a night out. She’s a far cry from her badass persona we all know and love her for, that’s for darn sure.

What tends to be forgotten about is that fact that Ronda struggled as a youth. She suffered from apraxia till the age of six, which is a speech and sound disorder. She would sort out the problem with speech therapy and thankfully, it wouldn’t affect her teen days. However, Rousey would drop out of high school with the intent to make it in combat sports. She stated off in judo, a sport her mom thrived in and after a successful run in the sport, she would take her talents to the world of mixed martial arts. As they say, the rest is history.

10 Covering Up At LAX Following The Defeat

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Her defeat was pretty bad, however, her reaction to the loss might have been worse. We’ve seen the likes of Conor McGregor accept defeat admirably in the past despite his obvious talent – we expected the same with Rousey; however, that was not the case. She stormed out of the octagon following the announcement of Holm capturing her title. Making matters worse, she showed up to LAX with a pillow covering her face.

The media regarded such behavior quite negatively deeming Rousey as a sour loser. Instead of taking the loss graciously, she somehow figured that covering her face up with a pillow and storming through the airport was a better idea. Things would only get worse as Rousey hit a depression during her time away from the octagon following the loss. So basically point being, thank the lord WWE is scripted.

9 The Sports Illustrated Photoshoot

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Yup, the WWE is quite familiar with body paint and no, we’re not talking about Finn Balor in his Demon persona. Instead, we’re talking about some of the steamiest body paint moments in WWE history featuring the likes of Sable during the Attitude Era and Ashley Massarro during the Ruthless Aggression Era. Sadly, we won’t see such a visual during the PG Era as the WWE wants to keep such moments in the past, even if they drew some crazy numbers with the testosterone filled audience.

Oddly enough, there newest acquisition Ronda Rousey also worked a body pain shoot in the past. If someone ever asks what do Sable and Ronda have in common, well you got your answer. Given the edginess of the shoot, Stephanie would not approve.


8 Ronda In White

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Speaking of WWE and being inappropriate, who can forget those crazy wet t-shirt contests from back in the day, hell even WCW used the formula during the late stages of their run, though not even that could have driven up the ratings. The WWE used such a tactic on the norm - although it’s frowned upon nowadays, we cannot forget that it drove in the male demographic whether the WWE wants to admit to it or not. Yes, the female division is a lot better now, though we can’t discredit the fact that the Diva days also drew in their own right.

If Ronda was a couple of years older and took part in the Attitude Era, we have no doubt she’d be rocking similar attire to the one you see in the photo above. Of course, she would rock the white top during a wet t-shirt contest. That was then however and today, you won’t see such an ensemble as long as Steph’s in charge.

7 Rousey’s Final UFC Defeat

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Ronda admitted that walking down the WWE ramp during the Royal Rumble was a surreal experience given the fact that she didn’t have to stress over the outcome. Normally, Ronda would storm the stage thinking about winning her bout, with the WWE however, things are different and Rousey was solely focussed on enjoying the moment, something that hasn’t been the norm throughout her MMA career.

Another moment she didn’t enjoy was her final UFC bout back in December of 2016. It was billed as a match that would see the Queen get back on her throne, however, that was not even close to being the case. Rousey was destroyed in just 48 seconds ending her comeback attempt. Thankfully, time has passed since that brutal loss; nonetheless, don’t expect any mention of it on WWE television.

6 The Weigh-In Photo

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Thankfully, the WWE doesn’t have weigh-ins cause if they did, maybe investors wouldn’t be all that thrilled seeing WWE Superstars in their undergarments while jumping on a scale. All the moment really does is allow creeps like us over on The Sportster a chance to ogle at the beautiful ladies in their chizzled bodies. Yes, we are weird kinds of human beings sadly.

We’ve done articles alone based off the steaminess of a certain UFC weigh-ins, Rousey certainly hasn’t been the exception given her “strong and beautiful” presence when on stage. Now the WWE wouldn’t object to that, however, they would object to us seeing Ronda in a slim pair of pink undergarments. Well, more than likely Vince wouldn’t mind as a fellow bro but Stephanie most certainly would!

5 Flipping The Bird Stone Cold Style

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If Ronda pulled off such a gesture during the 90s, it would have been acceptable, however, with the new PG era, such antics no longer fly. You won’t see any swearing (unless you’re the boss and can do whatever you want) nor any finger related gestures. Heck, Stone Cold just recently returned to Monday Night Raw during the Raw 25 episode and the cameras desperately tried to get shots of Steve without seeing his middle fingers up in the air – yes folks, it’s a different time in sports and entertainment.

With such rules and with a younger demographic, Ronda pulling the finger isn’t something the WWE wants us to see, especially Stephanie McMahon who’s a mother of three daughters. The last thing she wants is her daughters replicating Ronda’s middle finger gesture because it’s cool.

4 Ronda’s Childhood Hero

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Although Rousey’s all-time favorite is of course the late great Roddy Piper, she first fell in love with sports entertainment as a youth making a connection with the Hulkster. Ronda recalls being barely able to speak, though one of the first words she was able to say was those of her favorite wrestler from back in the day, Hulk Hogan. She posted a photo of an old school Hulk Hogan toy proving her love for the WWE legend at such a young age.

If it was almost any other wrestler, without a doubt the WWE would be promoting such a post. But unfortunately, Hogan content is limited within the WWE confines for the time being due to his controversial racial slurs which continue to keep him away from the product due to investor concerns. For that reason, Stephanie and Vince would not want you to see such a photo (for now).

3 Ab Check

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This picture might be a little too “Not So PG” for the WWE. This throwback photo features Rousey checking out her abdominals. For a while now, Ronda’s all about the training and dieting way of life. Like most other athletes, she works just as hard out of the gym than in it.

For those of you wondering what she eats, Rousey’s a bit of a hipster when it comes to her food choices. Her preferred foods include Chia seeds, turkey chili, avocado and Greek yogurt. She tends to stay away from the carbohydrates while filling her diet up with healthy fats and proteins. You won’t see Ronda filling herself up with a burger, though ironically she did work an ad campaign while downing a burger....

2 A Minor Wardrobe Malfunction

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As we stated earlier in the article, the paparazzi loves to track down Ronda Rousey. Candid pictures are numerous and heck even TMZ has caught the WWE Superstar multiple times while either spending time in the LA area, or hitting LAX for a flight. Most recently TMZ cameras caught Rousey the day before her Rumble cameo, she told the cameras that she was going to Columbia to finish off a movie and that she hadn’t signed anything with the WWE. Of course, we’ve come to learn that it was all one big lie with Rousey shockingly inking a full-time deal with the WWE.

She’s now with the company however, such dresses like the one you see above are likely not to be worn by Rousey ahead of the show. Given the shortness of the dress, she suffered a forgettable malfunction as the wind gave us a sneak peak at her undergarments.

1 More Fun With The Horsewomen

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We promised such a photo earlier in the article, Rousey is caught having what some might call a little too much fun alongside her fellow Horsewoman. It’s a throwback photo of Rousey and one she likely didn’t want the public to see, however, in this day and age, keeping such photos suppressed is nearly impossible. Again, it’s a photo suitable for the Attitude Era and heck, even the Ruthless Aggression Era, remember Torrie and Dawn at the hotel? How that took place on WWE programming, we’ll never understand even if it was a while ago when it was somewhat more acceptable.

We wish Rousey the very best in her WWE career, here’s to hoping she endures a lengthy run with the company. Major props to the WWE and Rousey for getting a deal done – the future of the women’s division looks more promising than ever before.


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