15 Photos That Prove Seth Rollins Has Always Had The Steamiest Partners In The WWE

Aside from A.J. Styles, Rollins might be the most over and talented WWE Superstar in the entire company. Seth began his WWE pursuit at a young age starting off on the indie scene in 2005. He made the WWE after a brilliant run with ROH, after a couple of years in development he would skyrocket onto the main roster as a member of The Shield. He’s endured runs as both a top of the line heel and babyface, thriving in both roles. Still only 31, he’s already got a Hall Of Fame worthy resume.

Outside of the ring, let’s just say his personal life has been a little adventurous. Rollins was caught in the cross hairs of a sticky situation after his ex-fiancée found revealing photos of himself and another chick, who was later determined to be Zahra Schreiber. Out of frustration, Schultz, Seth’s ex posted the pics online and a firestorm ensued. The result, Seth would date Zahra briefly only to see the two breakup in February of 2016. He found love again the same year in December with Sarah Alesandrelli, the two are still together and this article will explain why.

Despite his troubled love life, he’s managed to date three extremely steamy partners. From his ex-fiancée to his mistress to his current girlfriend, we’ll document Seth’s steamy partners in this article. You’ll come to realize quickly that the dude’s definitely got a type! Enjoy folks!

15 Sarah Alesandrelli - Snapchat Selfie

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Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber quietly separated in February of 2016. The relationship got off to a rocky start after information leaked pertaining to their secret affair but we’ll have a little more on that later. Seth took some time away from the chicks following the breakup but it looks like he’s now dating again and when you take one look at his current partner Sarah Alesandrelli, you’ll understand why.

The photo above is a shot of Sarah before a night out in celebration of her birthday. A couple of things here, one, she’s glowing with a near perfect tan and two, you know she’s got some serious confidence rocking a white top and this tight skirt that seems painted on. A common theme in this article and something we want you guys saying after every entry is, “damn you Seth, damn you”.

14 Zahra Schreiber – Instagram Selfie

Indian outlawwwww

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Schreiber first entered the WWE pipeline back in the summer of 2014 after a second tryout with the company. She made small cameos throughout her stints which included backstage skits and even being a member of the Rosebuds entourage, seriously who wasn’t a part of that group, Becky, Braun, Zahra but yea, that’s a conversation for another day.

Her release came in controversial fashion as the WWE has a no non-sense policy when it comes to the wrestlers and what they put out on social media. Schreiber fell victim to this as she was reprimanded for posting a pro-Nazi picture via her social media accounts. She was released by the company and it doesn’t appear that she’ll be returning at any point, bullet dodged Seth.

13 Leighla Schultz – The Ex-Fiancée

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Seth and Leighla looked very much in love in the photo above. That was actually the case as the two were engaged back in 2015 though as you probably know, the relationship would come to a terrible end. Once Schultz found revealing pics of both Seth and his secret mistress at the time Zahra, she decided to let our her frustrations by embarrassing the two via Twitter posting revealing photos of both Seth and Zahra, in truth, that was not the right thing to do. Thankfully, Seth was so high up on the card that it didn’t affect him in the slightest at the time.

After cooling down, Schultz apologized for the way she reacted and posting the private photos without their consent. She was also the one to reveal that Seth and Zahra had broken up back in February of 2016.

12 Sarah Alesandrelli – The Night Life Days

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Opposed to both Zahra and Leighla, Sarah lives a quiet life and one away from the social media spotlight. Her Instagram account is private, however, we do have access to her Twitter account which she’s relatively active on. After doing some snooping around we caught this steamy photo of Sarah a couple of years back as she worked in the Chicago night life district, one can assume she made a heck of a lot of money dressed like that as a bartender.

Rocking all black everything, she looks like Seth’s dream in the photo above. After all, take a look at the three stunning beauties that were in his life and you’ll figure out pretty quickly that the dude definitely has a type and that’s smoking brunettes.

11 Zahra Schreiber – With Her New Bestie

Swing on site for youuuu

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Zahra’s back in the WWE loop and its due to her current friendship with Paige. The returning WWE Superstar Paige recently opened up about the friendship during her tell-all interview on the Lilian Garcia podcast. Paige made mention that Zahra contacted her during Paige’s difficult times that saw her personal photos get leaked. Of course, Zahra underwent a similar situation when Seth’s ex-fiancée posted revealing photos of the two. Schreiber was instrumental in helping out Paige and the two remain closer than ever, so much so that Schreiber has accompanied Paige to various events thus far during her in-ring return.

The picture above is one of the many posts featuring the two, heck they’ve even started their very own YouTube channel together. And heck who knows, maybe Paige can get her another gig with the WWE one day (don’t hold your breath).

10 Sarah Alesandrelli – Labor Day With Noelle

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This would make for an interesting tag team match, admit it, you thought about it also. In one corner, we have the heels (well not really but just cause someone needs to be the bad girls) Paige and Zahra, on the other end, we have the duo of Noelle Foley and Sarah, the babyfaces. Add in Seth Rollins as the special referee and you’ve got yourself an excellent bout for Monday Night Raw or heck even a PPV.

Sarah herself has made some connections in the wrestling business, one of which is the beautiful female you see in the photo above, Noelle Foley. The two were recently partying it up out and about on Labor Day, and might we add that both looked like Perfect Tens dressed in tightly fitted attire - Seth you lucky son of a gun.

9 Zahra Schreiber – Recent Instagram Post

Give me a taste of your misery

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Life goes on and Zahra continues with some of the more steamier Instagram posts, the picture above is a recent shot and we seriously don’t know whether to be scared or well excited about the picture. Though in truth, we can’t help but to ogle at the picture and it turns out that were not alone as she’s got over 100 K followers via the social media platform, in large part, thanks to both Rollins and Paige.

Following her WWE release, many fans haven’t kept up to date with the former WWE talent. She hit the indie scene following her release inking a deal with DreamWave Wrestling. She wasn’t relegated to just managerial duties and was actually used as an in-ring talent. She would move on from the promotion and in early January of 2017, Schreiber appeared for REAL Pro Wrestling making a cameo as a manager.

8 Leighla Schultz – White Dress Beauty

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As we stated with Zahra, life also moves on for Leighla Schultz. She hasn’t shied away from the spotlight however remaining public and active on both social media accounts; Twitter and Instagram. She seems to be doing a lot better nowadays with a positive mindset, and heck, looking at the picture above she’s also looking great rocking a tightly fitted white dress. Seth might also be interested in finding out that his ex-fiancée is completely dark nowadays completely removing her streaks. The dude like his brunette’s and maybe Schultz is playing to his likes, okay we kid, we’re just trying to stir the pot.

You can follow Leighla on either platform, she even recently posted a picture of Seth’s dog Kevin - it looks like Schultz won the rights to the little man.

7 Sarah Alesandrelli – 2K Event With Seth

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You knew things were pretty serious when Seth was accompanied by his lovely partner at the WWE 2K event. The event was a big deal as Seth graced the cover of the 2K video game and what better way to celebrate the accomplishment than having your very own beauty by your side.

Okay, don’t lie, another thing you thought of when seeing such a picture was who’s got the better girlfriend, Seth or Finn, who’s dating Cathy Kelley, the other smoking chick interviewing Rollins in the photo above. Seriously speaking, that’s impossible to figure out, perhaps we should do one of our signature one against one photo competitions? But what even that sort out a winner? Probably not, though we give Sarah the victory in the photo above for her ultra steamy dirty look.

6 Zahra Schreiber – Halloween Goddess

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Oh Halloween, how men and women around the globe love that day. As kids, it was all about getting the living you know what scared out of us, though as we got older, priorities quietly started to shift with women rocking some inappropriate “Not So PG” outfits. When you get to a certain age, scaring people goes out the window and it becomes more so about playing dress and it being socially acceptable cause well, it’s Halloween.

Zahra certainly played up her Halloween outfit, the revealing attire is truly jaw dropping and perhaps even enough to make Rollins himself click the like button. Hopefully he unfollowed her cause we can only imagine the amount of sleepless nights he might have endured looking at some of her recent posts. This photo is certainly one of them as the revealing outfit is definitely of the “Not So PG” nature.

5 Sarah Alesandrelli – Leather Pants & White Top

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Here’s a winning formula for all men ogling at this pic, leather pants and a small white top is never a bad idea, seriously speaking, that’s a winning combination and one that deserves a round of applause. Every one put your devices down for a second and applaud Mrs. Seth Rollins on this stunning outfit, okay now stand as we give her a brief but effective ovation. Okay, you can sit back down.

Life isn’t too shabby for Seth back home as you’ve seen throughout this article. He’s also doing pretty darn good in the ring recently capturing the Tag Titles for the third-time in his career. His resume reads like one of a first-ballet Hall Of Famer already, two-time WWE Champ, US Champion, Money in the Back winner, NXT Champion and heck even a nine-time Slammy winner.

4 Leighla Schultz – Recent Instagram Post

Schultz remains active via social media and this is one her recent posts as she’s looking pretty top in the photo liked by over 2K followers which in truth nearly isn’t enough. Seth’s ex-fiancée continues to live a quiet life away from the spotlight as a hair stylist. So if you’re ever wondering why her hair always looks so darn perfect, you got your answer.

Aside from fantastic hair and gorgeous eyes as you see in the photo above, Schultz also loves pizza. No we do not kid, just take a look at her Instagram bio along with photos via her social media account, the girl loves a slice of pizza and even in some cases, an entire box. Admit she just scored some valuable fan points with that unveiling?

3 Sarah Alesandrelli – That White Top Though

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Oh the white top - another photo of Alesandrelli looking phenomenal even giving us a little bit of cleavage. Just take one look at the beauty and it’s no secret as to why the couple has been together since December of 2016 - which was the first time Rollins posted a photo of his new girl.

Information about Sarah isn’t the easiest to come by, though we know a couple of things, for one, she now resides in Davenport, Iowa, a place where a certain somebody also resides in (Seth). We assume the two are living together nowadays after Sarah posted a photo writing “home”, with the picture featuring Seth in the background. Not a bad gig for Seth coming home to that beauty after a lengthy run on the road.

2 Zahra Schreiber – Smoking One-Piece


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Yup, we’ll give you a minute to get up, in all likelihood, you just 450 splashed off your chair or fell off whatever you were on. Schreiber seriously has us in a sleeper hold in this one rocking the one piece, the picture was recently uploaded to her Instagram account and let’s just say it got some attention in the comments section.

To a little more serious information, a little known fact pertaining to Zahra is that she was actually in a lengthy relationship before meeting Rollins. In fact, Schreiber was engaged to a singer, Chad Ruhling who played for The Fallen Dreams. The two spend eight years together but ultimately decided to call of the engagement. Talk about a roller coaster type life for Schreiber.

1 Sarah Alesandrelli – All Dressed Up With Seth

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Seth isn’t the worst looking dude but you forget he’s even in the picture mainly because of his smoking girlfriend. The two are matching and seriously speaking, wouldn’t you match with a lady like that?

Although you might not have noticed, Sarah was actually at a couple of WWE events sitting ringside. She was recently sitting in the first row at WrestleMania 33, though she was on the side of the hard camera. Sarah was cheering on her man as he was victorious in his bout against Triple H. The match was a lengthy affair lasting 25 minutes, typical for a Triple H match. Heck, it was the longest match of the night going even longer than the actual main event. At least Sarah got her money’s worth!

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