10 Photos Of Stephanie McMahon Looking Great (And 5 Having A Bad Day)

Stephanie McMahon’s face is one of the most familiar on television and it has been for a number of years. The daughter of Vince and Linda McMahon, Stephanie has come a long way after starting her career as a teenager in the WWE.

She started off modelling clothing and other designer items for the WWE catalogue, later going to work as a receptionist and then working her way up to her current position as the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE and commissioner of Monday Night Raw.

Stephanie can hold her own in the ring as well, as most of you know. She’s a one-time WWE Women’s Champion and has had many famous battles over the years, including a few against her own family members.

The successful businesswoman has been married to Paul Levesque A.K.A Triple H for 14 years now and they have three daughters together. Since appearing on TV for the first time, Stephanie has had many moments where she simply made many of us jealous of Triple H. From her style of dress to the subtle exposing of certain body parts, to her smile and figure, there’s something for everyone to love about Stephanie McMahon.

But she has had some poor moments as well, and in this list we take a look at both sides of the coin.

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15 Looking Great - ESPN Bound

In this Instagram shot, Stephanie shows off that famous bright smile. That’s all there is to it, really, unlike some of the more revealing images on here, but it’s still a really great picture.

The image was posted ahead of the last WrestleMania, as she explains. And she was on her way to the ESPN studios to discuss the event.

The comments do well to show how much the post was appreciated. But Steph and her husband were likely peeved after reading this one: “Triple H Watch Out Im Coming To Take Stephanie Away From You!!!!”

Who could blame the guy, though? Well apart from Steph and Triple H? Smiles like this sometimes tend to bring out the worst in some of us; although it should really be the other way around.

14 Looking Great - 40's The New 30

via pinterest.com

Stephanie McMahon is already 41 years old, but she hardly looks it. She turned 40 last September, and it must have been an awesome feeling as she gifted us with wonderful snap via Facebook.

“It's my 40th birthday today and I'm in the best shape of my life!” she wrote as the caption. “Thank you Paul "Triple H" Levesque and everyone on my team for your help and inspiration!”

Very sexy and very strong. And apparently, Mr Levesque is to thank for his wife’s incredible physique. Her caption does imply that The Game and his team keeps her in shape.

For those of you wondering, she didn’t post any Facebook pics for her 41st birthday. There aren’t any on Instagram either, I checked.

13 Bad Day - Inexplicably Shabby Steph

via pinterest.com

Well she certainly wasn’t in her element there, or its probably poor lighting, or a poor camera – or a combination of all three. It’s not clear exactly what was going on or what event this stems from, but Stephanie just didn’t look to be having one of her best days.

As you’ve seen in photos above, Steph looks nothing like this when she’s really on her game. Yet no one’s always got everything on point and the above image is a perfect example. Even her hair seems off.

Vince’s daughter has had her moments over the years, and you can believe that this shabby-looking photo of her does not top her regrettable appearances list. But then again, you’re in the right place for that. Keep going.

12 Looking Great – Ref Steph

via guresturkiye.net

Triple H lost his WrestleMania title shot to Kurt Angle when Stephanie wore this racy outfit after appointing herself as a special referee at No Way Out in 2002. But he probably didn’t mind... because she wore this racy outfit.

Steph and Hunter were going through quite the rough patch at the time. A ruined vow renewal ceremony and faked pregnancy had left their marriage hanging by a thread. And being the vindictive spouse she is, Steph decided to ruin things for her husband in a huge match.

She was forced to leave the bout after accidentally catching a clothesline early on. But she returned in time to count The Game out, following Angle’s steel chair assault and Angle Slam. As mentioned before, he probably didn’t mind too much.

11 Looking Great - Summer Slam-Dunk

via celebmafia.com

Stephanie’s attire for Summerslam 2014 left most of the WWE universe in awe, as it was one of her sexiest-ever get ups. The 41-year-old had a duel set up against Brie Bella after agreeing to give the twin her job back and promising her a match.

Steph had gotten arrested and charged for slapping Bella when she came to show support for her sister as a non-employee. Brie only agreed to drop the charges after getting her job back, also requesting a fight with the RAW commissioner. But Stephanie would come out on top as Nikki Bella interfered to give her the advantage.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t returned to wrestle since then, something we all would have loved simply because of this awesome outfit.

10 Bad Day – Hey, She's Relaxing

Obviously, Stephanie can't be walking around 24 hours a day looking to turn heads and play the vixen that she often has played on WWE programming. She's also a mother of three, and there comes a time to just relax with the family and not care what you look like. Here, Stephanie shared a snap of her playing Candlyland with her daughters and hanging with the family dog, with her hair in a ponytail, draped in pyjamas and sweats, and tucked under glasses. Stephanie was in no mood to think about her wardrobe and was at home for a rare relaxing moment. So of course, we'll let her slide on this one. We wonder how her husband lounges around the house on his rare days off.

9 Looking Great – Professional & Sharp

via wrestlingnews.co

I don’t know what it is about a woman attired in a business suit that’s so damn attractive. But worn right, such a suit could have one exude several characteristics, most of them being good ones. In Steph’s case, it certainly brings out the best. And when you’re the most powerful women in one of the biggest businesses in the world, you got to look the part.

In the above photo, the female magnate is absolutely on point. Her hair’s done right, her make up is flawless, her eyes look amazing and her lips are just OMG.

Behind her is the logo of the company that has entertained the masses for as long as they can remember. It does make her look even more powerful – a powerful woman backed by a powerful brand.

8 Looking Great – The Queen

via pinterest.com

First off, let me just say that Stephanie owns a nice pair of feet. And it’s safe to assume that she knows it, the way she’s confidently posed.

What really does it here, though, is the look on her face. Something of a mischievous, alluring smirk accompanied by a confident stare. Stephanie's been referred to as the billion dollar princess most of her WWE career, so it's fitting she would pose on her throne. Stephanie's all-black outfit looks stunning against the red backdrop of the chair and the wall and she looks as confident as ever. It makes you wonder what the WWE will be like when Stephanie's officially on the throne, in place of her dad.

7 Bad Day - No Mercy

via youtube.com

Vince McMahon had always been one of the most hateful characters in the WWE, but he managed to make fans hate him even more after what he did to his own flesh and blood at No Mercy in 2003.

The WWE owner, enraged over Stephanie’s interference in his affair with Sable, challenged his daughter to an ‘I quit’ match for the event. And of course, she never stood a chance.

Vince would beat Stephanie quite badly during the match, choking her for what seemed like forever with a lead pipe, and did not let up until her mother Linda quit on her behalf.

Stephanie stayed away from TV for a considerable period after said match, but it is believed that the break was due to her upcoming wedding with Triple H.

6 Looking Great – That Smile

via listal.com

What’s the first thing you noticed in this pic? The wide, radiant smile, right? Or was it the beautiful eyes? Or the way her hair flows down to her shoulders even? Neat eyebrows?

If you checked yes on any of the above, you were certainly being dishonest – or you’re just plain weird. Most of us would admit that we noticed the cleavage before we took note of whose face is actually in the picture. Of course it’s Stephanie McMahon, that’s why we’re here in the first place, but we didn’t even need to be sure.

That is quite some dress Steph’s wearing in this photo, and you can imagine the amount of stares she must have had to fight her way through when she got to wherever she was going.

5 Looking Great – Night Out

Don’t worry. You won’t have to go through the ‘first thing you noticed routine’. We know it’s absolutely impossible you saw anything apart from Stephanie. Did you even see Triple H?

Yeah, he’s there too. He is her husband after all.

As has been well documented, the McMahon family is pretty close to President Donald Trump and they were invited to the presidential inauguration for dinner. Trump's presidency led to Linda McMahon getting a job in his cabinet, so the McMahons have officially hit the white house.

Hunter must be very proud of the way his wife looks, as she hasn't lost a step even into her 40s. While he undertakes the nickname of Papa Hunter backstage, we wonder what kind of nicknames will float around for Stephanie.


4 Bad Day - Horseplay

via YouTube.com

In the early 2000’s the rivalry between Stephanie and former star Trish Stratus was at its peak. The bad blood stemmed from Vince’s affair with Trish, and Trish did everything she could to embarrass and anger the boss’s daughter.

The pic above was the result of Stephanie seeking Trish out in the backstage ahead of 2001’s No Way Out. She was fooled into thinking that the Hall of famer was locked up in a limo by virtue of a neat set up.

Trish ambushed Steph, lay quite the beating on her, and then proceeded to humiliate her by driving her face into a convenient pile of horse dung. And as if that wasn’t enough, there was a bucket of some really nasty sewage to follow.

3 Looking Great

via pinterest.com

Apart from Stephanie looking remarkably stunning in this pic, I can’t say much more as the story behind it isn’t known. But what else do you need to know after seeing Madam commissioner looking as good as this.

There’s not much to say for cleavage here either, yet there’s still a bit of bust exposed for those of you who would have been disappointed (I got you). She isn’t showing off her smile in this one either; it seems to be an authoritative look, but sort of mellowed down to slightly approachable, yet at your own risk.

Steph is also wearing some really cool jewellery, which we are left to assume is rather expensive. And, of course, that big ol' wedding ring is on full display.

2 Looking Great - Fitness Sweetness 

via YouTube.com

The WWE launched its Workout Series in 2014, in an effort to help fans become fitter and more health conscious. The program was designed by Joe DeFranco and was tailored in the same manner the trainer set workouts for Triple H and Stephanie.

Triple H took charge of the male version called WWE Power Series, while the WWE Fit series was headed by Stephanie. The series received mixed reviews, yet no one could have been mad about the way Steph looked in all of her training videos.

In the pic above, she’s doing what appears to be a shoulder workout using dumbbells. Her tight-fitting clothing is just perfect, showing off her great bod. But what’s most amazing is that muscular tone which sets sells her as both beautiful and strong.

1 Bad Day - The Arrest

via pwmania.com

Brie Bella once had Stephanie for supposedly assaulting her with a slap after she came to show support for her sister Nikki during an episode of Raw.

Later on in the show, Stephanie was arrested for aggravated battery by two plain-clothes police officers on live TV. Of course it was all kayfabe, yet getting hauled away by police on live television isn’t a good look. Fortunately, though, no mugshots ever surfaced as Triple H was against the idea of such a photo of his wife coming into existence.

While Vince backed the idea initially, he changed his mind after his son-in-law explained his thinking.

For some reason, Steph’s cleavage looks awful in the above photo as well. Even Big E’s chest looks better.

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