15 Photos Of Wrestling Women After They Retired

The state of Women's Wrestling has drastically improved in the past few years; the "wrestling" bit is getting more attention in the WWE and in different promotions, with the ladies being held in equal regard in the male-dominated industry. While the wrestling ladies may have more freedom in the ring these days, it wasn't so easy for the "divas" back in the 90s or early 2000s, as they had to keep themselves good looking to get the attention of fans to stay in the thick of things.

Wrestling Women back then were seen more as "eye candy" than anything else and while some women succeeded at that really well, some others weren't so lucky and failed to survive at the top for a long time. While some women went on to have a stable career even after leaving the WWE or some other big wrestling promotion, others weren't so lucky and quickly fell from grace after their exit from the prominent promotions.

These women were forced to take up some jobs which they didn't want and do some things they weren't proud of. Some really distressful images showing how badly they had fallen from grace had surfaced.Let's take a look at these 15 Sad Photos Of Wrestling Women After Falling From Grace.

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15 Chyna's Distressing Final Years

via youtube.com

Chyna was the woman responsible for putting over the Women's Wrestling scene in the Attitude Era when she came off as a dangerous monster heel and made strides in improving the reputation of Women's Wrestling in WWE. But after she fell out of WWE and was cruelly fired in the end, her life completely changed as she started doing some awful things and ruined her reputation in the next few years. She sadly passed away in 2016, but her appearance and health had been looking quite awful for quite some-time before that. This picture shows just how bad Chyna used to look in her last few years, as she was looking worn out and unhealthy. She used to often post distressing videos online as well and it's quite depressing knowing just how terrible her life had become towards the end.

14 Nicole Bass

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Nicole Bass was a wrestler not many would actually remember because of how short her time in WWE really was, but she made quite the impression in her time at the company. Bass would be the Sable's bodyguard and took out many women with her powerful moves, with the former body-builder being quite the emphatic monster heel. She was picking up some momentum when she left the WWE after allegedly being sexually harassed, but her lawsuit against WWE was overturned. Bass couldn't find much work in the wrestling industry after that and became a personal trainer, but her looks really regressed as the years passed. This picture shows her in her final years, as she looks quite awful with her muscular figure having withered with age. Her fall from grace after leaving WWE is quite sad and her problematic life didn't let her take good care of her intimidating figure.

13 Barbara "BB" Bush

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Barbara Bush may be remembered by Attitude Era faithful as the woman who debuted in quite the weird manner as an EMT who often came out to help out injured superstars. She feuded with WWE Diva Ivory during that time and later went on to lose some matches, with one loss forcing her to go topless (but only Triple H saw that). Her last appearance in WWE was when she took a 3D from The Dudley Boyz through a table and she later appeared in TNA, winning the "Miss TNA" crown as Taylor Vaughn. But after leaving TNA, she regressed quite a bit and lost her stunning looks as well, with Bush only appearing in low-key Indy promotions at times. This picture shows just how much she's aged since, as she's lost her fit figure and the stressful life after WWE seems to have absolutely worn her out.

12 Sunny's Mugshot

via tmz.com

Sunny was the woman who helped to introduce the raunchy Attitude Era in the WWE, with her work in the Pre-Attitude Era helping to shape up the future of the Women in the company and some more things as well. Sunny sexy looks made the WWE turn her into a valet for many tag teams, but her influence backstage and affair with Shawn Michaels made her quite popular as well. Despite her influence, Sunny was fired by WWE in 1999 because of her uncontrollable addiction to drugs and her downfall began after that. She has appeared in Independent shows after that and her condition has regressed over the past few years. She's been arrested many times and this mugshot of her shows how awful she looks these days, as it's quite sad to see how badly the WWE Hall of Famer has fallen after leaving the company.

11 Jillian Hall

via shitloadsofwrestling.tumblr.com

Jillian Hall may be remembered by the fans as the annoying singing character WWE had during the Ruthless Aggression era when she emerged as the "Image Consultant" for JBL. She had this weird "mole" on her face and later transitioned into a wrestler, even winning the Divas Championship in 2009. She continued being this annoying character for quite a long time before WWE released her in 2010. While Jillian continued wrestling after that, her popularity declined and she didn't get as much attention she did in WWE either. She posted a picture of herself after being "knocked out" by a stranger as part of the awful "knockout game", with this picture proving how awful it made her look. Jillian has been struggling to get work in the past few years and it's quite saddening how these terrible things are happening to her after she fell from grace after leaving WWE.

10 Missy Hyatt

via uproxx.com

Missy Hyatt was one of the rather raunchy women of the 80 & 90s wrestling scene, as she worked for WWE for a very short time before moving to gain popularity in WCW. She did commentary there and even wrestled a few matches, but was mostly used as eye-candy in WCW and later in ECW as well where she was involved in a few romantic angles. But Hyatt fell from the scene after the turn of the century, appearing at Independent shows and her looks really regressed. Life hasn't been kind to her recently, as she was arrested in 2015 for grand theft and this awful mugshot of her was released. It's quite sad to see her like this, as the once smoking-hot woman is now struggling to get work and her worn-out appearance showcases her struggles these days.

9 Stacy "The Kat" Carter

Stacy Carter was hired by the WWE to be the perfect "eye candy" because she looked absolutely stunning back during the Attitude Era when she wooed many fans as "Miss Kitty". She gained some popularity by being the first woman to flash her chest at the crowd after winning the WWE Women's Championship and kept on being part of feuds and regularly appearing on WWE TV. Carter left WWE on a sour note and her looks have regressed ever since she's left the scene. Carter appears on some Independent shows these days, but her appearance is worn out, as this picture shows. She's let go of herself after leaving WWE and hasn't aged that well, as it's quite sad to see the sexy Carter lose her looks as the years have passed.

8 Jacqueline

via twitter.com

Jacqueline was quite the inspiration for budding female wrestlers in the 90s when she became the first African-American woman to gain popularity in WWE and later made history when she won the WWE Women's Championship. Jacqueline's gorgeous looks and impressing in-ring ability made her an asset for WWE, who used her pretty well during the Attitude Era. But she failed to impress after that and later left WWE to move to TNA, where she even managed Beer Money Inc. She wrestled a few matches in TNA, but her looks kept on regressing as the years passed. Jacqueline looks tired these days and hasn't been able to retain her looks. She's let go of her figure, with years of wrestling taking a bad toll on her appearance.

7 Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie was quite the stunning export from ECW by the WWE, with the raunchy woman getting a lot of attention with her amazing looks and kinky gimmick in the WWE. After having a rather successful career in ECW, she moved to WWE where she was part of some controversial feuds and mostly was used as eye candy by the company. But Marie left on a rather sour note from the WWE, when she was released while on a maternity leave from the company. Her appearance has really regressed since then, as this picture shows just how much she has aged since leaving the WWE. Marie's figure isn't the same, as she's let herself go by being a busy mom these days, with this picture of her proving that her life after WWE hasn't been all that it could have been.

6 Sunny In Court

via blacksportsonline.com

Sunny may have been a big star in the 90s WWE, but her life has definitely turned around for the worse in the past few years where she's made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The WWE Hall of Famer looked to be enjoying a decent life during her Hall of Fame induction but in 2012, she was apparently arrested five times in a four-week span for numerous crimes. She spent more than 3 months in Jail before being released, with this picture of her in court showing just how much of a terrible time she was going through a few years ago. This picture shows just how badly she's fallen from grace in the past few years, as she looks in an awful shape and embarrassed herself with all the arrests after which WWE cut all ties with her.

5 Jazz

via wikipedia.org

Jazz was quite the prominent wrestler in the WWE during the "Golden Age" Of Women's Wrestling in the mid-2000s when the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita started to gain popularity for their in-ring work. The ex-ECW alumni brought a lot of toughness with her and even defeated Trish to win the Women's Championship soon after her debut. She successfully defended the title against her and Lita at Wrestlemania X8 and looked to be on quite the roll before getting injured. She continued being in good feuds before being released by WWE in 2004 and Jazz seemingly let go of her appearance after that. This picture of her shows just how badly awful she has aged after her release, with her ragged appearance proving so. She hasn't taken good care of her figure after her release and sadly looks quite the worn out individual these days.

4 Wendi Richter

via fotki.com

Wendi Richter was one of the pioneers of Women's Wrestling in the WWE, as she was one of the top female stars of the industry in the 80s and won the WWE Women's Championship twice as well. Richter had a great feud with The Fabulous Moolah, but her WWE career ended on a bitter note when Richter was screwed by the WWE and left the company. She then went to perform in the Independent promotions and went on to retire in 2005. Richter eventually came to terms with WWE and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010, but didn't look so good back then. She's been looking old for quite some-time now, with years of wrestling taking away her good looks and it's quite sad to see this stunning legend look older than she is right now.

3 Sensational Sherri

via alchetron.com

Sensational Sherri was another prominent woman in the WWE during the 80s when she came with quite a lot of wrestling experience and became an important part of the Women's Division. She won the WWE Women's Championship and feuded with quite a few other wrestlers, before turning into the role of a manager later on. She managed the likes of Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, and Shawn Michaels before leaving WWE for a short stint in ECW and WCW, but her physical state kept regressing as the years passed. This picture shows how different and terrible she looked after the turn of the century, as her addiction to drugs made for this shocking appearance of her. Sadly, she passed away in 2007 due to some kind of a drug-overdose, proving how drug-addiction can have terrible effects on even the most charismatic performers.

2 Princess Victoria

via patch.com

Princess Victoria was one of the pioneers of Tag Team Women's Wrestling in the WWE, as she was prominent in the 80s WWE when she gained attention as the inaugural WWE Women's Tag Team Titles winner with Velvet McIntyre. She had this gimmick of this Red-Indian woman who showed a lot of resilience and even feuded against The Fabulous Moolah for the WWE Women's Championship. But ever since leaving WWE, Victoria has seemingly disappeared from the wrestling circuit and only appeared in a few Independent shows after the turn of the century. She's retired from Pro Wrestling for quite some-time now, but this picture shows how she doesn't look so good at all. She looked quite fabulous at her prime but has seemingly let herself go after leaving wrestling and with her being part of the mass class-action lawsuit against WWE, it looks quite impossible that WWE will bring her back.

1 Chyna As She-Hulk

via imgur.com

Chyna was a terrific wrestler for the WWE because of her powerful skill-set and intimidating looks, with the "seventh wonder of the world" making an emphatic impression during her time in WWE. But after she was controversially fired by the company, Chyna didn't really look to utilize her skills somewhere else and in place took an extreme change in career. She decided to move into the adult entertainment business and became popular after releasing an adult film with X-Pac. She later even appeared in an adult parody movie for the Avengers as She-Hulk, as it can be seen in this picture. It's quite sad to see her like this and it's still quite surprising to many as to why she joined the adult movie business, with this move ruining her reputation and not allowing her to get much work either in her depressing last few years.

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